GROUP STORY IDEA! LOTS OF PEOPLE NEEDED! (Update. We need replacements for 2 soldiers)

Chapter 2


by: Luxray100
So it doesn't appear as though any other people will be trying to join but luckily we do have enough people to fill every role for the Hunted. And thanks to Taken we have someone as a hunter. Taken it's up to you how you chose to write since you're the only hunter.

Anyway here's the people I've chosen.


Status: Hunter

Number: I0405S

Squad Position: Commander

Personality: No-nonsense type who isn't afraid to step on others to get the job done. Is the most obedient and loyal of her squad due to her attitude and personality, making her dangerous to be paired with or faced with.

Other?: If I0405S was to identify as a gender, it would be a female.


Status: Hunted

Number: R24601

Chosen Name: Brooke

Why: Begins to see the beauty of nature after she gets the glitch

Squad Positions: Commander

Gender they ID with: F

Personality: Analytical, a good leader, knows her squad, has a connection to nature that she doesn't broadcast


Status: Hunted

Number: R1311

Chosen Name: Aelwyn

Why: 1=A 3=E 11=L and loves Germanic languages and the meaning (noble friend)

Squad Position: Tank

Gender They Identify With: Male

Personality: Aelwyn talks low, slow, and doesn't say too much to begin with. Despite being a tank he's quite gentile and knows more than is realized. He was designed to travel across the globe so he knows 4 languages.

Other?: Has a strong aesthetic sense and loves art


Status: Hunted

Number: RF37198T (Sorry, had to add the R for the sake of regularity of the squad)

Chosen Name: Fate

Why: ? I'll probably think of a reason later.

Squad Position: Blue Soldier

Gender They Identify With: Female

Personality: A true follower, however, sometimes questions orders. Follows a "no robot left behind" motto. Would take a hit for any of her squad-mates.


Status: Hunted

Number: R40332

Chosen Name: Onyx

Why: Loves the stone.

Squad Position: Soldier (Red)

Gender They Identify With: Male

Personality: Wants to help even if not possible. Overdoes everything.


Status: Hunted

Number: R3014

Chosen Name: E0N

Why: 3=E 0=O N is the 14th number in the alphabet

Squad Position: Scout

Gender They Identify With: Female

Personality: Hyperactive, in true scout nature they love to sneak around, likes to surprise others, caring, takes interest in animals, brave

Thanks to everyone who commented and/or applied for a position. And Squirtle I loved you character and it's taken me days to try and choose between you and Zora.

So guys we do still need a chapter so comment or message me or whatever any title ideas.

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