GROUP STORY IDEA! LOTS OF PEOPLE NEEDED! (Update. We need replacements for 2 soldiers)

Chapter 1

Yep :3

by: Luxray100
It’s the year 2152. In first world countries new robots have been created to fight in the place of humans in the wars. Unlike robots in other parts of the world these new robots are highly intelligent AI’s programed for nothing but their roles in their squad units of five. Commander, Scout, Tank, and Soldiers. But after a squad encounters a shut-down caused by an electromagnetic blast they reboot to find that the blast caused each of them to malfunction and gain human emotion. They come to realize that they don’t want to be just weapons of war. Their countries government doesn’t want the robots to have human emotion so they want to get them back in order to reprogram them and fix the glitch. The robots go rouge to escape and try and find a place where they can be their new selves. But another squad of robots has been sent out to track them down and bring them back in one or more pieces if necessary.

As you may have guessed there will be two teams for this story. To make it simple the side you want to be on just put “Hunted” or “Hunter” in the character thing. Each robot will have a number as a name (the number is totally up to you but the first letter will be the same for each squad.) Hunted will be the letter “R” and the Hunters will be the letter “I”.

Since all of the robots were created for specific reasons and were all from the same place each type of robot will look the same and have the same weapons. (Sorry I know it takes some stuff away from the personalization)

Commanders: Large, silver robots but have cloaking device allowing them to nearly disappear
Scouts: Smaller, camouflage colored but have cloaking device allowing them to nearly disappear with goggle like shades for eyes allowing them to send back images and videos to squad members
Tanks: Large, broad, armor plated, black robots. They do have cloaking abilities like the others but aren’t as good
Soldiers: Red or Blue (1 red and 1 blue for each squad) smaller than the commanders but bigger than the scouts. Have cloaking device allowing them to nearly disappear. More visible weapons than the others.

The hunted will choose a name of their own but not right away I’ll let you know in one of the chapters when the names come in so if you can’t think of a name right now for your character you can think of one later.

I’ve been in group stories before where someone just disappears and doesn’t log on again and I don’t really want that to happen in this one so if you want to join please make sure you come on at least every few days or so. I get that some people can’t be on every day or just don’t come on every day but as long as you still frequent the site that’s cool with me. Like most group stories I’d like you to be able to write your chapter within a week but if you need more time just tell me and I’ll give you more. If it takes you more than two weeks without an explanation of why you’ll get skipped over.

Ok without further adue: here’s my character

Status: Hunted

Number: R3014

Chosen Name: E0N

Why: 3=E 0=O N is the 14th number in the alphabet

Squad Position: Scout

Gender They Identify With: Female

Personality: Hyperactive, in true scout nature they love to sneak around, likes to surprise others, caring, takes interest in animals, brave


Character Sheet thing:



Chosen Name (Hunted Only):


Squad Position:

Gender They Identify With (Hunted only):

Personality (Hunters can have but more subdued):


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