Run a While Longer- Will You? (Please read!)

I Am Doing An Experiment Regarding Interpretations!!!! Please read fully! This is a poem that I recently wrote and I have proposition for y'all. I would love it if you would write down it's meaning and post it in the comments. Let me know what you think this poem is about- personally, generally, historically- anything. It would mean so much to me if you would. Later- I will post what it really is about- I promise.

Chapter 1

Title already proclaimed

by: Darsha
The labor for my love,
Not the love of my labor.
We heave, We slog-
All for hand that holds the leash and gives the food.

A child's cry falls on ears of a deaf nurse.
A father denies their son a loaf of bread.
A dog begs with no response.

Push and pull counteract our cause.
Lines that the master drew
Split us even further.

We heave, we spit, we shove
All for figure that owns our skins.
We sing, we dance, we fight
All for the candle light flickering in the window pane.

Ants are crushed one by one,
But who can withstand an army of insects?
A snowflake is destroyed in a second,
But who can melt a mountain of frozen water?

Cry, refuse, and unite!
Unite all you slaves who do not reap the fruits of your labor!
Unite for the safety of us all!
Unite for the rest we are denied!

Unite until the shadow that is greater than the master destroys us all.
Then run a while longer- will you?


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