The Ghost Whisperers

This story is about 4 ghost whisperer's that talk to ghosts and try to help them stop hurting people, other people think there crazy, so they start out as individual people who think there going crazy and they meet each other and become really good friends and they find out there not going crazy this is real, but other people think there still going crazy

Chapter 1

The characters

Name: Liam
Gender: Male
Personality; Good looking very nice very cool he is very outgoing, shy
he's a ghost whisperer

Name: Ava
Gender: Female
Personality: Very shy, pretty, nice
she's a ghost whisperer

Name; Aiden
Gender: Male
Personality: The jock, he can be mean but also nice
he's a ghost whisperer

Name: Oliva
Gender: female
Personality: A preppy girl who can be mean and nice and is so obsessed with her makeup and hair and outfits
she's a ghost whisperer

Name: Matilda
Gender: Female
Personality: Mean, doesn't follow rules, doesn't listen
she's a ghost

Name: Fenton
Gender: Mae
Personality: Nice, listens, Can be mean when he's in a bad mood
he's a ghost

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