My Roleplay List and Requests

This is my roleplay list and rules.

Chapter 1

Roleplay Rules


I. Patience and Commitment.
I do understand that we all get busy sometimes, but please don't ask me to roleplay with you and then ditch me after I start or right in the middle of a roleplay, right when it's getting so good. If you don't want to roleplay with me anymore, please tell me. I do ask that you be patient with me because I do take at least one to a few days to reply, so please be patient. If you don't hear from me within a week, please resend your message or ask me to resend mine.

II. Limits.
Limits will be discussed when you message me. I will respect your limits if you respect mine. I do not want to make you uncomfortable at all.

III. Love interests and OC's.
You play your OC and my love interest and I play my OC and your love interest. I would appreciate it if you didn't get upset with me over that. We can try to work it out. I will not change my love interest if there is only one listed. Also, please do not control my OC. I won't do that to you. Also, for love interests, it doesn't have to be 100% perfect, but at least try your best to keep them in character. Just a small warning.. I do have some female crushes as well in case anyone likes yuri/fxf.

I do love getting to know you outside the roleplay. Feel free to start a conversation with me.

V. Location.
I can roleplay on here or email. Whichever you prefer.

VI. Length.
I am strictly a literate roleplayer. I do not do script at all. I do prefer to write at least 100 to 300 words. If you can write more, I can try to match yours. I do not want a novel though. Maximum of two paragraphs.

VII. Grammar and spelling.
I do not care about spelling as long as I can understand it. I also know the feeling of having autocorrect though. We all make some grammatical or spelling errors, but if I don't understand something, I'll let you know. Please tell me if English isn't your first language or if you have dyslexia. I will roleplay with you either way.

VIII. Sharing the spotlight.
Please, and I mean, please don't make this roleplay about you. I exist as well and it's supposed to be about both of us. I do expect you to share the spotlight throughout the roleplay.

IX. Manners.
I am only going to say this once. Please be respectful when you're talking to me. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. When asking me to roleplay, please do not ask "rp?" Or "wanna rp?" To me, that's rude and will result in me declining. Please introduce yourself. I will not reply to anyone that's going to be rude and disrespectful.

X. Have fun.

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