Hey I did something I'm not proud of, and I could REALLY use some advice before I have a meltdown

Chapter 1

What Have I Done?

Okay... I know I really screwed up and that I'm really stupid for letting things get this bad, but I really need some advice here and now. I'm too afraid to go to someone I know in reality because of judgment and fear of rumors being spread, so I turn to my quibble friends!

Omegle, which I now really regret downloading got me talking to this guy, let's call him Dude, and we started talking on kik. Kik lead to sending pics, and that lead to sending pics of my downstairs and bra-less up-there pics... He'd send back other stuff but I'd delete it as soon as I got it. Talking on kik lead to facetiming over iMessage. My ipod and his phone. We'd be naughty with each other, he said he loved me multiple times, and everything was fine for a while.

Then he said his parents were taking his phone for a week, to still send him pics because he'd turn off notifications and that he'd be back as soon as possible. So I sent him a pic of my legs. He later snuck his phone and said he loved them and to keep sending him pics. Fast forward a few hours and I figure since he's always begging for pics, why not send a pic of my topless top-half. That's when I get a message on kik, from him.

"Who is this and why are you talking to my son?"

I blocked his kik without responding, and did same on iMessage.

I haven't told anyone about this, not even my parents. I'm wondering if I should. They don't even want me posting pics of my face anywhere let alone dirty pics like the ones I sent him! Needless to say, I am never sending any pics of myself again to a stranger under any circumstances! I feel like such an idiot and such a terrible person. I knew it was against the law to do that, I knew it was a bad idea, and yet I still did it... I AM GOING TO BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... With that sad, do you think blocking is enough to let this melt away? Should I tell my parents or anyone else about this? Am I going to get in trouble, whether I come clean or not? HELP ME PLEASE!!!


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