A disney trip

bleach fanfic and other stuff

Chapter 1


rukia and ichigo were slaYING soul reapers. one of the souls looked like imuyasha LOL and rukia loves inuyasaha so she was excited and shocked to see him :ooooooooooooooooooooo

den all of the sudden A GIANT EMU FLEW OUT OF THE SKY AND HIT RUKIA WITH A SHOVEL AND SHE FELLED TO THE GROUND! SHE Didn’t die tho cuz she’s immortal lololol

“oh no were am i?” rukia asked kon.
ion said “i think we’re in………………DISNEY WORLD!”
oh i’ve always wanted to take ichigo to disney so he could meet mickey mouse rukia thought. “WHERE IS ICHIGO :((((“ RUKIA SAID.

‘I’m rite behind u!” ichigo gasped.
“:O” said rukia.
and then cinderalla appeared! cinderalla is rukia’s favorite princess.
rukia was so excited she crapped her pants.

“oh what is that awful stench” Cinderalla wondered.
“idk it might be Snowwhite” said rukia as she runned into the bathroom even tho there was a lion.
“OH NO” RUKIA SAID then she used her invisibility to GET THROUGH THE LINE!! :OOOOOO

a/n; ok so that was the first chapter. should i write more? ^:D

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