Tiny But Mighty(Modern Gaara Love Story)

Leonie(pronounced Lee-o-neigh) is practically the picture of innocence. Her blonde hair, brown eyes, petite stature and sweet personality have earned her the nickname "Angel of Konoha". At least, she's usually sweet. However, if you take away her books, sweets or candy, or insult her friends or family, her sweetness disappears. Now that she's 15, she's the one who is called when "trouble students" transfer to Konoha High. How will she deal with certain red head transfer student?

Chapter 3

Classes and...Leonie's Strength?

After about ten minutes I'm finally done with the tour so I lead us to Iruka's class. Gaara basically hasn't stopped glaring at me the entire time. I wonder why he's so...defensive. Yeah, I think that's the best word to use. The entire class looks at us as we walk in.
" Mr. Umino, these are new transfer students that Ms. Shizune asked me to show the school to. I'm sure that she's already told you though." I say with my usual smile.
" Yes she did. Why don't you take your seat while they introduce themselves." I nod and sit down. Gaara's glaring at the entire class and I can tell the Akatsuki are getting riled up.
" You know that you're not allowed to get into fights guys. Settle down." I warn them with a whisper.
" Fine." Temari takes a step forward and addresses the class.
" Hello. My name is Temari and these two are my brothers. We just moved here from Suna." Temari tells us. I smile at all of them encouragingly. Gaara focuses his glare on me for a moment before turning it back to the rest of the class.
" And would you care to tell us what you like to do?"
" Sure. I like music and I like the beach." Temari adds.
" Okay. Which of you boys would like to go next?" Kankuro nods.
" I will. My name is Kankuro. As for what I like to do...Well I like to make puppets." He informs us.
" No! He's just like Sasori-dana, un!"
" Shut up Deidera. Oh, word of advice for you Kankuo: Never bring your puppets around school." I may or may not have destroyed some of Sasori's puppets after freaking out.
" Why not?" Kankuro asks.
" I will explain after class."
" Okay. Well, I'm done. Gaara, you're up." Kankuro tells him. The class falls completely silent.
" My name is Gaara." Gaara says, obviously not wanting to say more. I can tell no one else wants to say anything so....
" What do you like to do Gaara?" He gives me a glare that screams of murderous intent.
" Beating the life out of people who annoy me." He growls, causing the class to murmur. I just smile kindly and innocently at him.
" Well I have to say that that isn't very nice."
" Who said I was nice princess?" Gaara questions. I just smile at him once more. But Hidan stands up, obviously angry.
" Hey, short-stack, I know you're nice and whatever but this guy is threatening you! Do you really expect us not to beat him into the ground for it?!" I give Hidan a firm look and he gulps.
" Yes. I do. Now please sit back down before there's trouble." I tell him.
" Fine. You're lucky Leo here is so nice Red." Gaara glares at him.
" I don't know why you listen to that spoiled little girl. I never back down from a fight." Gaara taunts.
" Why you little-!"
" That is enough. Now, I'm sure Mr. Umino would like to resume class so why don't we let him?" I suggest. Temari looks at Gaara.
" That sounds just fine. Doesn't it Gaara."
" Fine." He growls. All three of them take a seat in the back, away from everyone else. I shake my head and start eating another piece of candy. This is going to be a very long day. Oh well, I can relax a little during class at least. Before too long the bell rings and kids start pouring out of the class room. Kankuro is talking to Sasori though so I walk over to them.
" And that is why you should never take the risk of Leonie seeing your puppets." Sasori finishes.
" Whoa. They scare her that bad, huh?"
" Yeah. It's kind of cute actually, because she'll hide behind the nearest person if the puppet is out of her reach." Hidan says. I pout.
" It's not cute! They're scary!" Hidan smirks.
" Sure they are."
" Shut your trap Hidan! We have classes to get to you know." I tell him.
" Yeah, yeah." I walk off with Gaara, Kankuro and Temari. Gaara still glaring daggers at me of course.
" So, let me get this straight. You aren't scared at all of Gaara yet puppets terrify you?"
" Yes. Now hush! There are certain other people outside of this group that I don't want to know about this." I tell him. He nods and walks off to his class as Gaara and I head to ours. I sigh and look up at him.
" Sorry about earlier. I was just trying to help people get to know you."
" Maybe I don't want people to know me." I nod and we walk into English class. Kakashi is late as usual... I take my seat regardless and Gaara sits in the back. The door to the class room is suddenly flung open.
" LEONIE! There you are my youthful little flower!" Lee exclaims, pulling me into a crushing hug.
" Can't...breathe...big bro!"
" Let her go Lee. She's gonna die!" Naruto worries. Lee lets me go and I catch my breath.
" Thanks Naruto."
" No problem Leonie. Who's the new guy?" He asks. Gaara just glares at us as we walk towards him.
" Guys, this is Gaara. Gaara, this my friend Naruto and my over enthusiastic older brother, Lee." I introduce.
" I don't care. Leave me alone princess." I turn to them and smile.
" Sorry about that. He doesn't like people." I explain.
" We already heard. Kisame also said that he threatened you!" I shrug.
" Nothing I can't deal with." I assure them.
" You sure Leonie? You're so tiny."
" Naruto, if there was cause for concern, Lee would already be flipping out and you know it. I can handle this." I tell him. He smiles that care-free smile of his
" Yeah. No one would hurt the Angel of Konoha, right?" He takes a seat to the right of me as the others start walking in. Sasuke takes the seat to the left of me, glaring at Gaara.
" Hey, he's the new guy, isn't he?"
" Yes, his name is Gaara. What's with the glare?" I ask innocently.
" Itachi said that he threatened you. You know that you're like our little sister."
" Thank you for your concern but I have everything under control." I assure him.
" Hn. Okay. The entire Akatsuki wants to pound him so he better watch himself."
" It's them who should be watching themselves." Gaara growls, standing behind us. Sasuke and Naruto glare at him.
" Oh really? You want to go settle this outside?"
" Gladly."
" Both of you stop please." I request. Gaara turns his glare back to me.
" You don't order me around princess. I'll take on both of them." I sighs and pull out my secret weapon: Puppy eyes of ultimate adorableness.
" You guys won't get into a fight with him...will you?" I ask hopefully. They try to resist...But they can't. Naruto and Sasuke groan in defeat. Even Gaara's affected, even though he'd never admit it.
" Fine. No fighting." I beam at all of them happily, even if Gaara didn't say anything.
" Thank you!" I cheer. They all sit back down as Kakashi finally walks in and starts teaching. Or should I say, passing out assignments, telling us to finish them and then sitting at his desk and reading the entire class. I finish the work sheet and start reading my own books that I borrowed from the library. I hear snickering and feel my book yanked from my hands. I look up at the pink haired culprit.
" Give me my book back Sakura." I tell her. She snickers again.
" This isn't yours. It's the library's. You are such a little nerd." I stand up and look her in the eyes.
" Give me. The book. Now." I demand. Sasuke sighs, stands up, takes the book from her and hands it back to me.
" There you are Leonie." I smile.
" Thanks Sasuke!" I reply before sitting down and continuing my story. After a long while the bell rings to go to math class, which is taught by Asuma. Thankfully, this class goes by without trouble. After that the two of us go to Biology. Ugh! The one other person I don't like is in here! Kabuto Yakushi. He's...Such a creep! The teacher, Yamato, is pretty cool though. Either way, I'm on edge during the entire class. I sigh in relief once the bell rings. Next up is...Art. With Deidera and Sasori in the class too. Kureni is often trying to break up arguments between the two. I set to finishing an art project we had started the day before and before I know it, the class is over. Now it's time for the last, and my favorite, class of the day. Gym class! Kankuro and Temari have this class with us as well as Sasuke, Naruto, Hinata, Lee, Shikamaru, Neji, Tenten, Shino, Kiba, Sakura, and Ino. As well as a few others. Guy bursts in.
" Would you please calm down Dad?" Yup, that's right. Guy is my dad and Lee is actually my older brother. He smiles and wraps me into a bone crushing hug.
" Ah! You're already here my adorable youthful daughter!"
" Can't...breathe...Dad!" I choke out. He chuckles and sets me down.
" Sorry Angel!"
" I'm good. You have a class to teach..." I remind him.
" Oh right! 20 laps around the track outside! That's 4 miles. GO GO GO!" The entire class groans except for me and Lee.
" ALRIGHT!" We cheer. Gaara, Kankuro and Temari look at us like we're crazy.
" How about a race Leonie?!" I look at Dad.
" What do you say Dad? Permission to show off a little?" I ask. He gives me a thumbs up.
" Go for it Angel!" I grin. We all go to the gender aproppriate locker, change into gym clothes and then we all head outside.
" If I don't win, then it's 200 push ups!" Lee and I say simultaneously. Yeah...I may say somethings about my Dad and older bro but I love a good work out! Dad gives us all the signal to go and Lee and I take off like rockets. After the tenth lap, I'm an entire lap ahead of Lee. I finish all 20 laps within 10 minutes. A new personal best! I am a bit out of breath though...
" That was amazing Angel!"
" Thanks...Dad!" I tell him. A couple minutes later Lee come running up.
" Alright! 200 push ups it is!" He drops and starts his set. I notice Temari running up, on her fifth lap, staring at me in amazement. Gaara is on his eighth lap.
" Leonie! How...on earth...are you...that fast?" She asks, out of breath. I smile.
" I told you that I have a few secrets no? Now...LETS KEEP MOVING!!!" She groans.
" So...Mr.Guy really is your Dad then?"
" Yup! Lee is my older brother." I explain. She looks at the three of us.
" But...You look nothing like them!" I look down for a moment before looking back up at her with a smile.
" I never said that he was my biological dad, did I? I...I was adopted." I tell her. Nothing for me to be ashamed of but it's still not something I prefer to talk about.
" Oh I'm sorry!"
" It's okay. You didn't know." I tell her.
" Right. Well I better get going before your dad blows a gasket!" She takes off running. By the end of the class all of the other students are sweaty and out of breath. I didn't even break a sweat though. Oh well. I go to the girl's locker room, chatting with Hinata and Temari. Once in there I change back into my normal clothes, reapply my deodorant, just in case, and I run a brush through my long hair. Since I didn't sweat at all, I'll wait to shower at home. Temari glances over at me.
" You are so adorable Leonie! You're just so tiny!" Tenten walks over and joins us.
" Isn't she though? That's why a good majority of the school sees her as a little sister." Tenten tells her.
" Is that right? Well it certainly makes sense." I giggle good naturally.
" Thanks you guys! Well, I'm going to go get the rest of my stuff from my locker, see you tomorrow." I tell them.
" See ya!" I walk out of the locker room, through the gym and head to my locker. Once there I set the school stuff I don't need in there, put the stuff I do need into my bag along with my library books and head out. Dad and Lee often stay late to work out. As it is, I forgot something so by the time I walk out of the school most of the other students are gone. So imagine my surprise when I see the Akatsuki and Kankuro and Temari watching them, looking worried. I walk up quietly to see what they're up too.
" I still can't believe that this little punk had the nerve to speak to Leo like that!" I hear Kisame say. Huh? I hear the sounds of a fight. Itachi just so happens to notice me.
" Guys...We might want to leave now." I push through them and see Kisame fighting with Gaara. I jump in between them and catch each of their fists one in each hand.
" What did I tell all of you about fighting?" I demand. Gaara tries to pull his fist from my grasp and is extremely surprised when he finds that he can't.
" Holy mother! Itachi! Why didn't you say Angel was here?!"
" I tried to." Itachi replies. Kisame sighs and looks back at me.
" Sorry Leo. You're an honorary member of the Akatsuki. Someone threatens one of us, they deal with all of us."
" You know how I feel about senseless fighting. Now, do all of you boys agree to let this go and move on?" I ask. They all nod, even Gaara. I release my grip on Kisame and Gaara.
" Sorry again Leonie." I turn to Kisame and lightly flick his cheek, which I have to stretch to do.
" Bad sharky! No fish for you!" I tell him.
" But Leonie!"
" No buts! Go home now." I order.
" Fine." All of the Akatsuki walk off and I turn to face the surprised faces of Gaara, Kankuro and Temari. I smile sweetly.
" I'm sorry about them. I'll be on my way now." I tell them as I turn to leave.
" Wait just a minute Leonie!" I turn back around and look at the three of them.
" What is it?" I ask innocently.
" What... How on Earth did you just..?"
" How did you block both of our punches?" Gaara demands.
" The same reason why I'm called to handle 2319s. I...am a great deal stronger than I appear." I reply before turning around and walking home.

A/N: I know Lee isn't Guy's son in the Anime but please just go with it. Their relationship is like that anyway so it shouldn't be too difficult to accept, right?

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