Tiny But Mighty(Modern Gaara Love Story)

Leonie(pronounced Lee-o-neigh) is practically the picture of innocence. Her blonde hair, brown eyes, petite stature and sweet personality have earned her the nickname "Angel of Konoha". At least, she's usually sweet. However, if you take away her books, sweets or candy, or insult her friends or family, her sweetness disappears. Now that she's 15, she's the one who is called when "trouble students" transfer to Konoha High. How will she deal with certain red head transfer student?

Chapter 2

Someone To Fear?

As we walk out of Shizune's office she gives me a look that tells me to keep a very close eye on Gaara. Just what has this boy done to get such a bad reputation? Temari and Kankuro look at me again, still in shock. I smile sweetly at all three of them.
" Is something wrong?" I ask. I swear that I see Kankuro blush but I might be mistaken.
" You're just a bit of surprise is all. Ms.Shizune said that she had a specific person to handle trouble students and then you walked in..." Temari trails off
" Yeah, I get that a lot. I guess it's because I'm so small." I hear Gaara scoff.
" Temari, I don't know why you bother talking to the little princess. She's not your friend, she's just someone that the school assigned to keep an eye on me. She'll quit soon enough, go back to all her popular friends, and not speak to any of us again." Gaara says, having a surprisingly deep voice. Oh? He's just going judge me like that? Inwardly, I'm grinning evilly but on the outside I have a very offended look and force my eyes to tear up a little.
" H-how could you? Y-you're so mean!" Temari wraps me in a hug and glares at Gaara while he glares at me.
" That's horrible Gaara! You made this sweet innocent girl cry!" She lectures him.
" She's faking Temari." I can't help but giggle. It's not too often that someone actually realizes that they're being played.
" You got me! Just messing with you a bit for making assumptions about me. I genuinely hope that we can all be friends." I tell him as I pull a Dum Dum* sucker from my pocket, peel off the wrapper and stick it in my mouth.
" I am not someone to be messed with." I arch an eyebrow.
" Oh? I suppose that makes you someone to fear?" I ask.
" Most would say that."
" Dully noted. Now, on with the tour!" I say cheerfully.
" Hey, Leonie right?"
" Yes Kankuro?" I ask.
" Do you have anymore candy?" I glare at him, something I do when people mess with my sweets.
" My. Candy." I hiss. He pales and backs away from me.
" S-sorry!" I smile innocently up at him.
" No worries! Now, since we're here, this is the nurses office. The principle, Ms.Tsunade, also doubles as the nurse." I tell them as all three of them look at me. Gaara's starting to become curious about why I'm called to deal with these situations.
" Um...Leonie?"
" Yes Temari?" I ask.
" You really love your sweets and candy, don't you?" I smile.
" Yes! I have a major sweet tooth. You don't want to be around me when I'm out of candy..." I admit. They look at me skeptically.
" What are you talking about Leonie? You seem so sweet!"
" Too sweet." Gaara grumbles. I giggle.
" There's no such thing friend!" He glares at me. Like a I-seriously-want-to-kill-you glare.
" I am not your friend." He growls at me. I frown, a real one, which is a rare sight.
" Really? Well I hope you change your mind about that. I know that being all alone...Is awful."
" I don't like people. Being alone is fine by me." Gaara says. Yeah, that's a total lie. I think Gaara does that so he can avoid rejection. I guess Gaara hasn't had an easy life then. How sad. I give him a kind smile.
" If you say so Gaara. Next up is one of my favorite places in the school. The library." Kankuro snickers as we approach the door to said place.
" Are you one of those people who read for fun?" I look at him innocently.
" Yeah. What of it?" I ask.
" Uh...Nothing. I'm sure books can be very fascinating." I beam at him, glad that someone is trying to understand.
" Very much so! Books may seem boring but that just means that you haven't found one that interests you. There is truly a book for everyone. There's even some about various hobbies such as drawing, painting, writing, you name it, this library probably has at least one book on it. And that's just the nonfiction!" I rant.
" Oh? What about puppets?" I shiver involuntarily at that horrid word. I hate those evil wooden things! More like they scare the heck out of me...
" Uh...Yeah. There's several books about those." I tell Kankuro. He flashes me a grin.
" Cool!" I notice Gaara give me a strange look. Hmm, he must be one of those people who can sense fear. I give him a reassuring smile and this just seems to confuse him greater. I decide to simply continue the tour.
" This is the lunch room. Now, Temari and Kankuro, I'll show you where your classes will be and mark them on the maps that Ms.Shizune gave you. All four of us have first period together." I tell them.
" Um... What about Gaara's classes? You're not showing him to each one as they come, are you?" I chuckle a bit.
" I really have no other option. Our schedules are the same." I tell Temari. All three of them stare at me.
" What?! How did...Why would they..." Gaara glares at me once more.
" They really did assign her to watch me. She's basically a baby sitter for me!" Gaara growls. I sigh unhappily. I figured this would be how he reacted.
" It does seem that way, doesn't it? In reality, the school wants you in my classes for two reasons. One is that they're hoping that I will be a calming influence on you like I have proven to be with others of a similar...background of violence. The second reason, they want me close by to diffuse any fights you may or may not get into. Regardless of who starts said possible fight." Gaara looks at me with suspicion while Kankuro and Temari seemed really surprised.
" So they expect you to be able to stop Gaara from getting into a fight?"
" That's exactly right." I agree with Temari.
" But how?! I don't mean to upset you but you're so tiny and vulnerable looking. How could you possibly help stop a fight?" I smile mysteriously and start walking again.
" A girl must have a few secrets, no? Now, let us finish quickly so we can go to Mr.Umino's class. I rather enjoy learning Mythology."

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