Tiny But Mighty(Modern Gaara Love Story)

Leonie(pronounced Lee-o-neigh) is practically the picture of innocence. Her blonde hair, brown eyes, petite stature and sweet personality have earned her the nickname "Angel of Konoha". At least, she's usually sweet. However, if you take away her books, sweets or candy, or insult her friends or family, her sweetness disappears. Now that she's 15, she's the one who is called when "trouble students" transfer to Konoha High. How will she deal with certain red head transfer student?

Chapter 1

A Code 2319

Third Person P.O.V.
At Konoha High School a family of four walks into the assistant principle's office. Said woman immediately takes notice of the red haired of the three teens. The look in his eyes screams trouble. Even if she hadn't already read his file she would have known that a certain person would be needed to be called in to handle this. She addresses the father of the three teens.
" Hello sir. I understand that you are enrolling your three children. Is there anything we should know that wasn't covered in their academic files?" She asks.
" Yes. Keep a special eye on my youngest son. He's trouble." The assistant principle smiles.
" Yes, I have heard that. He's not the only...troubled student to have transferred here. We actually have a specific person to deal with cases like this. I will call them right now." She tells him. The man looks at her, doubt all over his face, as she picks up phone.
" Yes, hello Iruka. Could you put Leo on the phone? Thank you. Hi Leo! I'm doing just fine, how about you? That's good. Yeah, three students just transferred here and one is a code 2319. Uh, you'll be able to tell when you get here. Okay, see you in a few Leo. Bye." The daughter looks at the assistant principle.
" Who is this Leo? Do you really think they can handle Gaara? If so, you are probably mistaken." She says.
" Trust me. Things are-" The assistant principle is cut off by a knock on the door.
" Ah! Come in Leo!" She says. Two of the teens and their father look at the door, wondering what kind of person could possibly control the wild red head boy related to them. Said red head was sitting calmly, not bothering to react. They all stare wide eyed as a tiny blonde haired, brown eyed girl, who doesn't really look old enough to be in high school, walks through the door.
" I'm confused. Where's that Leo person?" The middle son asks.
" That's me. Leonie. Also called Leo by some." The young, petite girl explains with a kind smile. The red head looks at the girl in shock, though it's hidden. This tiny little girl is supposed to be able to control him?
Leonie's P.O.V.
I sit in my desk and get ready for my first class of the day. Which would be Mythology in Mr. Umino's class. Or as I call him, Uncle Iruka. I know that sounds weird but all of the teachers are friends with my dad so they're practically family. I wave to the 'gang' known as the Akatsuki as the walk in and sit in the row behind me. They were the last code 2319 we had. That would be the code that Shizune, the assistant principle, uses to call me down when we get transfer students who have violent tendencies. Hidan, one of the members, grins.
" Hey short-stack! What were you doing this weekend?" I shrug.
" Same as usual. What about you?" I ask.
" Kicking some a-butt and taking names. So, the usual." Yeah, I know he was about to curse. I'm actually the only person he doesn't curse around. I look at the rest of the Akatsuki and smile.
" What about you guys?" I ask. They all tell me the same thing as Hidan pretty much. Then two of the only people that I don't get along with walk in. Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno. Ugh. They are basically the presidents of the Sasuke Uchiha stalker fan club. They hate me because I actually talk to Sasuke as a friend and they think that I'm going to steal their "precious Sasuke" away from them. Barf! I decide to ignore them and go back to talking with Konan. Soon enough Uncle Iruka walks in and starts to teach class. After a few minutes the classroom phone rings so Iruka answers.
" Hello Shizune. Okay. Leo, it's for you." I walk up to the front and take the phone.
" Hey Ms. Shizune!" I greet.
" Hi Leo!"
" How are you?" I ask.
" I'm doing just fine, how about you?"
" Pretty good." I respond.
" That's good."
" Did you need me for something?" I ask.
" Yeah, three students just transferred here and one is a code 2319."
" Which one?" I ask.
" Uh, you'll be able to tell when you get here."
" I got you. I'll be there in a few. Bye Ms.Shizune." I tell her.
" Okay, see you in a few Leo. Bye." I hang up the phone and look at Uncle Iruka.
" Ms.Shizune needs me for something. May I please be excused from class?" I ask politely.
" Certainly." I nod and head to Shizune's office. A 2319 huh? Interesting. I get top her office within a minute. I knock on the door and wait for her to tell me to come in. I open the door once she does and am meet with three shocked faces and one red haired boy my age who obviously doesn't care. I bet he's the 2319.
" I'm confused. Where's that Leo person?" Asks a brown haired boy who is probably a year older than me.
" That's me. Leonie. Also called Leo by some." I tell them. The red head looks at me. I see that he has the kanji for love tattooed on his forehead. Hmm.
" Wait...THIS LITTLE GIRL IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE GAARA?!" I look at the girl who spoke and smile.
" I'm guessing that the red haired boy is Gaara, right?" I ask.
" Yes. What are you going to do? Use your cuteness on him?" I let out a giggle.
" Thanks for calling me cute but no, that isn't the plan. I just happen to be the least threatening person here, which makes it easier for me to deal with people who may be fighters." I tell her. Although, this is only half of the truth. Their father chuckles.
" Girl, my monster of a son will break you in a minute." I glare at him and he stops laughing.
" You would call your own son a monster? What kind of a father are you?!" I demand. People who would bully their own children make me angrier than someone stealing my candy! And I love my candy.
" I don't see why you would care. Well, we're finished here so I shall be leaving." Once he leaves I turn to my three new class mates and smile kindly.
" Welcome to Konoha High. As I've said, my name is Leonie. I'll show you all where your classes will be. Has Ms.Shizune given you all your schedules?" I ask. Gaara stares at me with those black-lined teal eyes of his. Very interesting indeed. His sister and brother smile back.
" Not yet. I think she just printed them out." I look back at Shizune, who had indeed just printed out their schedules. She hands them to me and I hand them to the siblings. The girl's name is Temari and the other boy's name is Kankuro. Kankuro is one year above me, Temari is two and Gaara's in my year, just as I thought. He must have gotten into a whole lot of trouble at his last school because Shizune made sure to put him in every single one of my classes. This has turned out to be a very surprising school day after all.

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