Gaara and Miki's Family(Sequal to Shifting Sands(Gaara Love Story))

I'm back! Since I got to the end of the actual series in my first story the majority of the plot in this story is all my own. Please buckle up and prepare for the randomness. This story will start after Fuyumi is born. Again, this is your formal warning for randomness.

Chapter 3

Fuyumi Starts To Crawl and Her First Word

It's been just about five months since I had Fuyumi. She has already grown so much! Gaara and I are watching her as she plays with her little baby toys on a blanket on the ground. Lately she's been getting on her hands and knees and rocking so I think she's going to start crawling soon. I go to get something to drink.
" Hey Miki! Come back in here!" Gaara calls. I rush back in there to see Fuyumi starting to crawl!
" Yay! That's good Fuyumi!" She looks up at me and giggles. Aww! She is so cute! Although...I may be a bit biased...Gaara walks over and Fuyumi looks up at him too.
" Dada..." She babbles. Gaara and I look at each other in shock.
" Did she just..."
" She did! She said Dada!" I exclaim. Gaara grins and picks her up.
" That's right! I am your Dada. And this beautiful lady right here is your Mama."
" Dada!" She says happily. I chuckle.
" Well I suppose you can't say Mama yet, huh?" She giggles and reaches for me. I take her and smile.
" But you love your Mama too, don't you?" I say. Gaara wraps both in a hug.
" Of course she does!" We hear a knock on the door and we tell them to come in. It's Kankuro and Temari.
" Hey, guess what Fuyumi just did?!" I ask.
" What?!"
" Well, she crawled for the first time and then-" I start to explain.
" Dada!" They stare at her in awe.
" Wow!" They exclaim. Fuyumi decides that she wants back on the floor so I set her down and she sets off to explore. With the four of us following her so she doesn't get hurt. She is so energetic! It's kind of amazing. After an hour she finally gets tired so we lay her down for a nap and talk with Kankuro and Temari. They've been really busy on missions and stuff so we haven't gotten to talk in a while.
" So, how are you and Shikamaru doing Temari?" I ask. She smiles.
" We're doing great!"
" Good! If he ever hurts you, let me know. He will regret the day he was born!" I declare.
" And that's only Miki. I wouldn't have even gotten to him yet."
" And I would be next after you Gaara." Kankuro agrees. Temari chuckles and shakes her head.
" Would you three calm down? Shikamaru treats me very well. He may be lazy but he's really sweet." I smile.
" Good! Tell him I said hello, okay?" I ask.
" Will do, will do."
" Good. How are you and Shiyuri Kankuro?" I ask.
" Good."
" That's good. Hmm...Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder how Naruto and the others are doing?" I muse.
" I'm sure they're all just fine."
" Yeah but I still worry, dattebayo." I tell Temari.
" I know you do. You know, I wonder if Fuyumi will say dattebayo as well."
" Naruto and I got it from our mom so it's certainly likely." I tell her.
" Wow. I bet your birth mom was awesome!" My ears flatten.
" She sure seemed that way. I wish I could know for sure." I say sadly.
" Right. Sorry Miki!"
" Hey, none of that! I'm okay. Although...If Fuyumi has me and my mother's personality, Suna will be much more chaotic." I tell them.
" That's true. Especially if she has your temper..."
" That's not fair Kankuro! You're not exactly the most patient person around." I counter.
" Yeah, I know." We all share a laugh.
" Hmm....I'm hungry. Lunch anyone?" I ask.
" Yes please!" I walk into the kitchen and get to cooking. I also decide to bake some cookies. Yum! I finish all the cooking and baking and the others walk in.
" Smells good Miki." Gaara comments.
" Thanks. Have a seat everyone." The three of them sit and I hand out the plates. After I finish I sit and start eating too. Before too long Temari and Kankuro have to be on their way. As soon as they leave Fuyumi wakes up. Ah, a parents job is never finished.

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