Gaara and Miki's Family(Sequal to Shifting Sands(Gaara Love Story))

I'm back! Since I got to the end of the actual series in my first story the majority of the plot in this story is all my own. Please buckle up and prepare for the randomness. This story will start after Fuyumi is born. Again, this is your formal warning for randomness.

Chapter 2

Fuyumi Comes Home

I wake up the morning after having Fuyumi and smile at Gaara.
" Morning Gaara." I greet. He kisses me.
" Morning Miki." I smile as the nurses bring us our daughter. I smile brightly as I hold her.
" Look Gaara! Isn't she beautiful!" I exclaim. He sits next to me.
" Yes. I have the two most beautiful girls in the world right here." I pretend to look around the room.
" Where's the other one?" I ask, joking around. Gaara and I both start laughing. My doctor walks in with a smile.
" I have great news. Miki-sama and little Fuyumi are in perfect health! They are free to go home now. Congratulations Miki-sama and Gaara-sama!" I smile happily as she walks out.
" Here Gaara, hold Fuyumi while I get dressed." I say. I notice his nervous face.
" What if I accidently hurt her?" I smile kindly.
" You won't. I'll show you how to hold her." I tell him. I place her in his arms and show him the right way to hold her.
" See! She loves you." Gaara smiles down at Fuyumi while I get dressed. I look over at him and laugh.
" Wow, she can't even talk yet and she has you wrapped around her little finger!" I exclaim.
" ....You're right." I smile brightly at him.
" I'm not saying that it's a bad thing. Parents are supposed to adore their children!" I tell him as I finish getting dressed. He nods and we walk out. On the way home he hands Fuyumi back to me, probably because I was getting impatient to hold her again. I love her so much! Words can't even give it justice! Once we walk into our home Gaara and I both sit on the couch to let this whole situation really sink in. We're parents. We are responsible for raising a beautiful little girl together. Wow. so amazing! Fuyumi starts crying so I sing to try to get her to calm down. It works and she ends up falling asleep in my arms. I smile and gently go set her down in her crib. She doesn't even wake up! I walk back to Gaara and he sighs.
" You're so good with her. It's like you already know what to do."
" Well babies are very simple little creatures. They want fed, they need their dipper changed when it's soiled and they sleep. I had fed her just a little while ago and her dipper wasn't dirty so I figured she was tired." I tell him. He smiles ruefully.
" When can she start talking again?" I shake my head at him with a smile.
" Don't make her grow up too fast! Then she'll be interested in boys and-" I start. Gaara scowls.
" Never mind. She can stay a baby forever." I laugh at his sudden change in attitude.
" Oh really? Don't worry, you can always just scare the boys away." I tell him.
" You're right..." That look in his eyes...Mommy's sorry Fuyumi! She was just trying to make Daddy feel better but now you might not have a boyfriend until you're thirty years old!

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