Things Learned So Far From Freshman Year

Hey guys! It feels good to be back. I know I've been insanely inactive, so I'm sorry about that. Just wanted to post something for once. Hope you've all been doing well.

Chapter 1

Lessons Learned So Far

Hello! I know, I know, I know, I know. It's been a while since I've sent a message, taken a quiz, read a quiz, and heck, even logged in for that matter. I've missed you!

With that being said, I'm just gonna steam roll right into this. I mean, that's the point of this story, anyways! ^-^

Lesson numero uno (even though I take Latin...): Be prepared to take the freshman beating.
I mean, the upperclassmen I know are pretty chill and all, but it's pretty much inevitable. For example, today in band, scribbled across the board was "FRESHMAN ARE FOOD NOT FRIENDS." And you're gonna get teased a lot by the sophomores as well.

Lesson numero duo: If you are involved in at least two sports- or even just one but take all honours classes- if given the option, take the study hall.
TAKE THE GOD DANG STUDY HALL. I applied for one, and unfortunately got one during the semester when I WASN'T ( 😠😠😠) taking part in tennis (I made varsity!!! 😃🎉🎉🎉🎉) and marching band as well as taking mostly honours classes and Latin II (still taking the classes, but you get the point). I am telling you right now, try and get that study hall. You have no idea how far away the game will sometimes be, how bad the traffic will be, how long your game/ match is gonna take, or what time you'll get back, for that matter. For me, who didn't have a study hall, (pardon my language, it was hel*.

Lesson Numero Tres: While doing homework, turn off all technology (except what you need) and/ or keep it on silent and set it in a different room.
Trust me, this tip is quite helpful, especially if you are part of group chats that send a ridiculous amount of messages. I will admit I still don't do this all the time, and it has most certainly paid in the amount of sleep.
-Side note: When going to bed, do NOT- and I repeat, DO NOT- bring any sort of techology with you. Just leave it across the room or charge it. I don't care what you have to do, just don't do it. I was stupid during the first month of sports season and then a month after it ended, and stayed up and watched Youtube videos. You are going to need the sleep.

Lesson Numero Quatro: Communicate with thy's parents.
This is extremely helpful and important to do. Period. Just do it. (JUST, DO IT!!!) If you wanna go to that football game/sporting event, attend that play, go to that school dance, hang with friends, party, whatever, it is essential to communicate. The 'rents need to know what's up, and it will earn their trust. Ya might get to go to that party or whatever you've been wanting to do. I don' t really attend parties- well, I mean, I do, but it's not like your typical high school twerk and grind, listen to crappy (sorry, that's just my personal opion. not saying all songs today are bad-Tswizzle five ever 😜- but I'd rather listen to Louis Armstrong or something), drink, kiss, bang, whatever kids are doin', old man voice tusslin' around these days. We like to hang out and just chillax with a movie or walk around town or other random stuff. Anyways, that's besides the point. Just communicate.

Lesson Numero Cinco: Do ( at least some!) of your homework on Fridays, and try and get ahead on homework for the upcoming week.
I know what you're thinking. Jordana, who in their right mind wants to do homework on Fridays? Or do extra homework? Well, you probably think I'm crazy, but it is rather beneficial. I'm not saying you have to do this, heck, I only do it half the time. I didn't bother doing homework on Friday during sports season, I got home at like 11 from attending football games (which I had go cuz Marching band, but I'd probably still go anyways). But the getting ahead on homework is definitely a recommendation. I don't know about you, but on the site my school uses, some of the teachers put work on the calendar that's due the upcoming school week. If you do some- or all, or none, your decision really- you won't be as stressed during the school week, and your homework load will be decreased.

Lesson Numero Seis (did I spell that right?): Attend the school dances!
Sure, I mean pictures are a little awkward (I thought they were fun) and the dance is a little crappy (at least most of the music), but it's still super fun to get dressed up and stuff. Our school has the tradition at meeting at this certain place- or another place if bad weather- for hoco, and it's fun to see everyone out of their normal clothes. Plus, dinner with your friends is super fun! Another perk: hot upperclassmen. In suits. ;)
-Side note: Ladies. Sorry if this gets a lot of hate and all, but please keep in mind that this is my opinion. Feel free to say something in the comments. Back to the point. Please keep the dresses classy!! The point of having school dances is NOT to get laid, but ay, I mean if you want to, full speed ahead, I suppose. I mean, yeah, nothing's wrong with a short and sexy dress, but just remember there are dress codes and it's just best to keep your look sexy, but classy and not showing too much. That's just me though... ome of the sophomores at my school and some juniors... just take it it way too far. Also, feel free to not listen to me, and I'm sorry if you dislike this part. The comment section is always open, and comments are always welcome.

Lesson Numero Siete: Don't procrastinate on big projects!!
Plan out what you are doing for the project CAREFULLY. I began my first research paper in English a little more than two months ago, and completed it in mid December right before exams. This past Tuesday, our video for project was due (it was originally due two days after break... thank God it was moved. One of the rare times when my English teacher got her head out of her butt and realizes how fast we're going). Don't be stupid ike me and the majority of my friend group. (Even though we're the innocent smart ppl of our grade, we still procrastinate.) and do it the night before. It took me nine hours to do it (my friend stayed up till two) and Movie Maker was being ANNOYING AF. Kids, when your eighth grade teacher says you are going to need to master Movie Maker or iMovie or whatever you use, she is probably right. Try not to procrastinate on most things, but if there's a thing you should absolutely not procrastinate on, it is huge projects.

Hmm... there are a few more I probably forgot, but it's almost one in the morning- I was so tired today, I came home around five and woke up at 9:40. Now Imma just typing this, listening to some Louis Armstrong and enjoyjng some Earl Grey. Anyways, if I remember, the next time I come on I'll add a chapter or comment it or something.

Thanks to you all who read this!! I really appreciate it, and hope that it helped those who are going through freshman year right now or will be an upcoming freshman next school year.

How've you all been doing? And what grade are you in?

Saturday, 1.30.16


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