I have returned from hiatus -- Please Read

Credit to amani727/ PityParty for this idea.
So, yes, I've returned from my 2 year (or whatever) hiatus. And as you'd expect, many things have changed; I have learned quite a lot and gained valuable information on diversity, respect, equality, etcetera.
Anyway, there are some things of which you all need to be aware when following/friending me.

Chapter 1


There is no delicate or gentle way to put this.
Unfriend / unfollow me if you:
•Do not support all gender identities / sxual + romantic orientations (if you don't know what something means, just ask. If I can't give you an answer, I'll ask someone who can, and relay their reply back to you.)
•Do not support all religions or actively hate religions besides your own
•Participate in any kind of cultural appropriation
•Are anti-feminist (or 'meninist')
•Are emotionally abusive or manipulative
•Do not support mentally ill people
•Do not support disabled people
•Participate in body shaming
•Use any slurs that you are not reclaiming. (For example, if you are black and use the n-word, that's usually reclaiming the word. If you are white and use it, you're just being racist.)
•Just don't feel like following / being my friend. That is okay.

All people deserve to express themselves freely and safely without being judged or bullied. That kind of drama isn't tolerated here.

I'd like to reiterate that last • -- You don't have to follow me or read my writing or talk to me. If you don't find me interesting, or for whatever reason don't want to be my friend, that is completely okay. I don't mind (and I prefer this if you're a negative person).

But on a lighter note, you can come to me anytime if you need to vent or rant or ask questions. I am always here for advice and education.

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