The Ramblings of a Madwoman

This is meant to be an open diary concerning my encounters with the supernatural, or what I believe to be supernatural forces. All of this is true.

Chapter 1

Here we go...

by: MagicMika
Nobody believes in the supernatural anymore. Thanks to science, we're all, "too smart" for such thoughts. If you believe that the logic of science is void, you're labelled as an idiot. If you believe that there are more supernatural beings than there are scientists, well, you'd be right. Just don't tell the government or any physician that.
I believe that I was born with a number of metaphysical abilities. I was communicating with the dead before I began school. As I aged, I noticed that there were other things that I could do. I noticed that the weather changed with my mood, but while clairvoyance took over, I lost my touch. However, now that I understand a bit better how to harness what abilities I have, I am better able to use my gifts. I can have a grown man in the palm of my hand and under my influence in minutes. With concentration (and emotion), I can make the rain ease at my convenience. I've even learned how to better handle animals, at least to the point where dogs will stop barking.
I won't go into too much detail concerning my childhood, though we may revisit ages 4-17 some day. For now, let's focus on the first year of legal "adulthood", age 18.
At this point, I knew that I was clairvoyant and that the women of my family seemed to be drawn to what Christian pagans would consider the darker forces of the supernatural. Clairvoyance in particular seemed to be a family trait, as I could tell my mother had been equally blessed and cursed. We had an uncanny ability to read people and premonitions often came to us in the form of dreams. At this point, I had occasional visions, but they were often dismissed as fantasies. In this year, I had put the other talents that I had pretty much out of my mind. Clairvoyance is enough for "Christians" to label someone as a witch. I didn't want my church, who were the only family I had ever really known, to turn me away like I was nothing.
Anyway, this was the summer that I believe I met a psychic/energy vampire for the first time. For all intents and purposes, I will grant aliases to all of those I mention, even though I'm sure that someone stumbling across this isn't very likely. For guy number one, we'll name him Michael.
I was convinced by my best friend and a woman who treated me like one of her own to join a community band for the summer. My "mom" informed me that we'd have to pick up another player, a tuba player, and I instantly formed in my head an image of a balding, aging, obese and rancid-smelling man.
I could not have been more wrong.
Upon him exiting the trailer to which we had pulled up, I saw a nice-looking young man who seemed to be right around my age. (Nice-looking was my first impression, okay? I thought he was going to be an ancient slob.) "Mom" introduced us, and we chatted on the drive there. As always, I had to determine if he might be interested in me in some way or other by making a bad joke. If he laughed, then he held some form of interest, and I had to determine by the laugh exactly what he thought. (Of course, there was the "just polite" factor, but my generation actually isn't that polite. We're only that polite when we want to flirt with someone, date them, you know how it goes.) I forgot my joke, but he laughed. A beautiful, genuine sounding laugh, which I construed as an, "he thinks I'm pretty," kind of laugh.
It's not like I was far from the truth, though. If he hadn't thought I was pretty, he obviously wouldn't have asked me out on a date a couple months later. (Of course, at that time, I also was about to meet someone who we'll name Vince, who would end up having a huge impact on me.) Time spent with Michael was more valuable to me than sleep. I feel in love with him quickly and deeply, and any defenses that I had from being hurt before crumbled before him. I'd love to explain how I came to know that he is the person I am meant to spend my life with, but since that is something even more doubtful than anything else I'd write in this account, we'll move on. Due to his unique genetics, I have diagnosed him as an energy vampire. By definition, an energy vampire is a person who drains the metaphysical energy from (typically weaker and more vulnerable) individuals. Even though research I have done has tried to prove me wrong, I believe that energy vampires are capable of more than just that. I believe that there are "good" and "evil" vampires. I have hypothesized that we can detect the good and evil ones by the impact that they have on an overall group of people. If they leave said group in a positive mood, then they are a "good" vampire who is not draining energy, but is perhaps sharing some of their own. If they leave the group in a negative mood, then they would be considered an "evil" vampire, because they most likely are feeding off of the energy of others. I do not have any evidence yet if vampires can feed off of each other.
In short, I believe that Michael was a good vampire. Almost everyone he knew adored him, and it would stand to reason that that is why I fell so quickly in love with him. Not just because of his goodness, but because of the beautiful power that he harnesses that he doesn't even know about. I'm writing this a year and a half after meeting him, and I will admit to my audience that I am as in love with him as the day I knew we were meant to be. I believe that he has feelings for me as well, but I have no proof as to the extent or intensity of those feelings. I only know that I cannot wait to one day show him all that I know and teach him how to use metaphysical energy.


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