Life as we know it must be put into a knot..................(couldn't think of a name)

May Krum & her pet Chimaera named Phill come to Hogwarts...............................

Chapter 1

If you move too slow, then you'll never know what we could do!

I looked around my peach colored room and sighed. I looked towards Phill, my pet chimaera, and laughed. We were to be the first Norwegian/Swedish people and beast to go to Hogwarts. I was excited,yes, but I would miss my home and y family that I was leaving. I nudged my buddy and he growled softly,"Dags att vakna upp , min kära . Vi lämnar Tomorrow(Time to wake up my dear. We leave tomorrow)" I said softly to let him know that it was me. He groaned slightly and woke up his reddish eyes piercing the room as he looked around. I went over and slung my bags over my shoulder and went downstairs,careful not to let Phill out. I plopped my bags next to the door and went to go get Phill on his magic leash. When muggles looked at him he would look like a big pitbull, but wizards would know what he is and know he wasn't nice. When I finnaly got Phill leashed after tons of running around and flying, I went to the car. I put Phill in the backseat, and sat next to him. Mum and Dad came down. Viktor was in Durmstrang already, since they started earlier. We drove to the airport and we packed everything in, I managed to get Phill to sit next to me on the plane. We arrived in England a few hours later. I got out feeling a little woozy, so me and Phill went to sit on a bench. I learned English so I could read the signs, and I listened to what other people said. Most were talking about the weather, or politics, finnaly I heard something about a "Quibbler". I shrugged it off,'must be a England thing', I thought. I petted Phill, and he grinned as much as he could. I got a message from my mum saying that they got a car and we were going to go to a place called the Leaky Cauldron. I got up and walked with Phill outside to see a black 2016 Bentley Mulsanne come up. I looked inside to see my parents grinning, I sighed and put Phill in first then I got in myself. While riding, I didn't do anything just kept to myself, like always. Before long, I somehow managed to go to sleep and was awoken by Phill nudging me. I yawned, stretched my arms, and rubbed my eyes. We were at the Leaky Cauldron, which looked like it was shut down it was run down so bad. We went inside, and to my surprise it looked neater. I went to go sit at a table in the corner while my parents checked us in. I looked around and saw two redheads fighting but while laughing and a few more redheads shaking their heads or talking to each other. I immediately concluded they were of kin. I started singing-"En familj av rödhåriga , guider gör trollformler , hur lycklig jag måste vara , att ha mitt husdjur med mig på en främmande plats ."A family of redheads, wizards doing spells, how lucky I must be, to have my pet with me in a strange place. I got a few looks, but shrugged them off. Soon the two redheads that were fighting came over to me and introduced themselves"We're Fred and George Weasley"they said "Maj Krum-May Krum" I said. They looked at me confused and then they saw Phill. "Guys this is Phill, my pet chimera. Phill är Fred och George Weasley , vara trevligt-be nice ." I introduced them. Phill growled slightly and I chucked when the guys got worried. "Are you two twins??" I asked. They nodded still wary of Phill. "Mkay, don't be scared I told him to be nice." I said to calm them down. They relaxed a bit. "Where are you from,""And are you going to Hogwarts?" They asked interrupting each other. "I'm from the boundary between Norway and Sweden, and yes I'll be going to Hogwarts, along with Phill" I answered them. They nodded their heads and we talked, mostly them, about Quidditch,Phill,Hogwarts, houses, pranks, candy, and Quidditch. I knew some Quidditch, but didn't want to brag. I just shrugged when they asked if I played Quidditch, "All positions, favorite Chaser, broom Comet 150. " I stated not so boastfully."You have a Comet???!!!!" they shrieked like little girls. I started laughing, hard. Even Phill was laughing. By the time I was done, my parents had checked us in and was unpacking all of our things. I said goodbye to Fred and George, and went to get Phill settle in our room. I opened the door and I saw a canopy bed, light blues walls and dark chocolate wood. I let Phill walk in before me, and he got up on the bed declaring the half of the bed his. I chuckled slightly and shut the door, making sure my clothes were organized the way I liked them. They weren't so I spent 15 minutes rearranging my clothes. When I got done, I brushed my hair out, seeing as though it got tangled since I got in the car. I patted it down, and fell back onto the bed. Phill growled a bit, but settled down. I got up and went downstairs to see the Twins, I laughed before they could see me and bound them together.....................................................................


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