Slender Man: Basic categories of Proxies

The most basic categories in which proxies exist

Chapter 1


Hallowed (or Hollowed): Those whose minds have been destroyed by the Slender Man and placed under his control. They usually behave as mindless puppets utilizing brute force and enter a catatonic state whenever they aren't being used. Their bloodstreams contain the black tar-like substance known as Azoth.

Berserkers: Those who are under the Slender Man's control but can act on their own when he can't be troubled with commanding them. They will often work their way into positions of trust to further his agenda.

Sleepers: Those who are under the Slender Man's control but are not aware of it. They lead normal lives for most of the time and never remember what they did under the Slender Man's influence. They are usually Runners who come under his control when their minds are at their weakest, during blackouts or sleep.

Agents: Those who willingly serve the Slender Man, retaining their original personalities and individuality.

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