Demigod Club

This story is a guide to the Demigod Club which I was thinking about starting.

Chapter 1

Basic Overview

In this club, you will each pick a demigod name from the list in the next chapter. If there is a demigod that I didn't add, or I forgot to, and you want that to be your demigod name, then ask me and if I say yes, then I'll add that to the list and that can be your name that we call you.
We will call each other by our demigod names that we pick.

One of the things that we are going to be doing are group stories together, mostly about demigods and stuff like that.

For now, I will be known as Neptune, but in order for you guys can "rank up" to have a god name, you have to have a certain amount of points.

You get points by helping with group stories.

To pick a minor god's name, you have to have at least 50,000 Points. To pick a Major's god's name, you have to at least have 150,000 Points. It seems like a lot of points, but really it's not if you help out with the stories and all.

Whenever you get points, I will send you a message saying how many points you have. I will keep track of points.

Also, in one of these chapters, I will post everyone who is in this club and what their name is. Maybe how many points they have, also.

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