Sorry and Sort Of Goodbye.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

So, I owe a lot of apologies. Especially one to Emily, Brittania, all members of the QOrg team, everyone who voted for me in the Quibblo Idol Contest and to dovestorm. I never meant to leave Quibblo. I was back, I won the Idol Contest and everything was great. However, my laptop broke and I no longer had a way to log on. I tried to use my phone or borrow a computer but it didn't work. By the time I could log over a month later, I couldn't really bring myself to do it. I knew I had deserted an amazing group story I had been excited about, left the QOrg team and left a lot of my friends without explaining why, At this point I am so stressed with life that I am not going to promise to log on. I have left Quibblo about three times now and I don't want to false promise again. I will probably be on every now and then, I don't really know. If anyone wants my email address, message me and I will be on in the next week or so to give it to you. Sorry, again. Quibblo just isn't what it used to be.


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