The Blacklist

Chapter 1


"Do you believe in ghosts? Vampires? Werewolves? Well it doesn't matter if you believe in them. I don't believe in God but that doesn't mean he isn't real."

This is a quote that FBI Agent Michael Devereux (Dev-Er-Oh) lives by.

Agent Devereux isn't your average FBI agent. He works for a top-secret division known as Section 8, aka "the Blacklist".

Investigating the paranormal is a daily routine for the Blacklist. But unlike other American agencies, they operate outside the normal command structure. They answer only to the Board of Directors. They can go anywhere and do almost anything in the pursuit of justice. They aren't hindered by search warrants or any of the other common restraints of other justice departments.

Devereux has seen it all. Human bodies completely drained of blood. Best attacks in Chicago, New York and Washington DC. Men and woman literally vanishing into thin air.

But on a routine investigation, Devereux stumbles across something with a dark history and an insatiable appetite for death. Will he bring the "ghost" to justice? Or will the predator become the prey?

Well there's only one way to find out :)

(I know this isn't exactly original but I'd love to hear your thoughts anyways)

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