So last night while handing out Halloween treats, I was given the finger... BY A LITTLE KID

Chapter 1

Maybe I should've gone trick-or-treating this year instead...

Okay, so Uncle Jordan and I have just finished painting and carving pumpkins, and we're now in our costumes. Uncle Jordan is dressed as a magician, and I'm dressed at the rabbit he pulls out of the hat. A pretty good costume combination on our part really, but it was really hard to find a bunny costume that wasn't like a playboy bunny. Ick. But, finally we found one! So we sit there in the living room watching "Young Frankenstein" while we wait for trick-or-treaters.

Anyways, the 1st few trick-or-treaters ring the doorbell and we give them each a bag with two mini pumpkin sugar cookies in them. These kids all have their parents with them and are really nice, well behaved little ones in adorable costumes. A little while passes and then the next set comes and rings the doorbell.

The 1st thing I notice is that these 4 kids are all under 8. The youngest one looks like he's 2. No parents. No adults. Just the 4 of them. The 2nd thing that hits me, is they just have on backpacks, and you're just supposed to put their treats in the opened backpacks. None of them have on costumes.

"TRICK-OR-TREAT!" they all scream at me as I open the door. So I toss in a bag of sugar cookies in each of their bags, when the middle one, probably 6 or 7 years old shoots me a dirty look.

KID: That's it?
ME: You got two cookies
KID: Reaches into basket and grabs a bunch more
ME: Give those back! Runs off and flips me off

So I turn back to Uncle Jordan, who's still sitting in the living room, with Young Frankenstein paused, both us look very confused.

JORDAN: The heck was going on?

ME: I gave this kid 2 cookies, and he said it wasn't enough, then started grabbing more.

JORDAN: How many did he take?!?

ME: He grabbed most of the ones in the basket, and when I pulled it away he flipped me off!

JORDAN: How old was that kid?

ME: Like 6 or 7

JORDAN: He ran away? Weren't his parents there?

ME: Nope. No where to be found.

JORDAN: Jeez... Jumps up and turns off porch light Anymore trick-or-treaters can go next door. I'm done with Halloween.


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