I Just Finished Deleting Friends

I Just Finished Deleting Friends

Chapter 1


by: honeymoon

So I know I used to have a lot of "friends", but I decided to delete people because they were either:
1. inactive
2. never/rarely talked to me
3. never/rarely took my quizzes

When I first started Quibblo, I was online 24/7, I always participated, and I was desperate for a large number on my Friends list. Now that I'm older, I don't care about that kind of stuff anymore. I mean, the sole purpose of this website is to have fun; Quibblo is not some popularity contest. A lot of people have left, a lot of people are arguing with each other, so what's the point of having more friends? Btw, I'm 15 right now, and I made an account on here when I was like, 11 years old.

Please don't be offended if I deleted you, because....
1. If we didn't talk or interact in any way and I deleted you, it doesn't mean I don't like you! I respect everybody on Quibblo.
2. Okay, I might've deleted you by mistake! I spent hours deleting and I could have accidentally pressed the 'x' without realizing who you actually were! I apologized if this happened.

I won't bother adding anybody again, and you don't have to bother adding me either. I used to accept all friend requests before, but now, I won't, depending...
1. On your profile (and I don't mean if your profile is "ugly" or "weird").
2. If you try getting to know me.
3. If I knew you before but unintentionally deleted you.

Most of the people I kept on my Friends list...
1. Are nice and welcoming, although that doesn't mean that other people aren't!
2. Have known me since I was a new member.
3. Have taken my quizzes, voted on my quizzes, left comments/feedback, and supported my creations.
4. Have commented on my profile or messaged me to see how I'm doing.
5. I feel comfortable talking with, whether about random or personal topics.

I accept all friend requests on my backup account, http://www.quibblo.com/user/ThePewDiePieFan (PEWDIEPIE).

Thank you for understanding! I adore the Quibblo Community. Y'all are so sweet, so kind, and so hilarious! I hope you enjoy your day.

JeremyShadaRules :3


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