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Chapter 3


Some people may get mad at me for this, but I'm fine with that. They can just skip this, report me, block me, and un-follow me if they want. However, I still feel like this should be talked about. Don't get me wrong, I think women should have the same rights as men. I think they should get paid the same or at least have the chance to get paid the same as men in the same line of work. But after doing some research, I feel that Feminism are wrong about a couple of things. My first example feminism has gotten a reputation in the past few decades of being less about equal rights and more about crushing men in order to raise women up. Isn't that what Slave owners this to their African American slaves? I found a report by the Heritage Foundation, which is a conservative think-tank, suggests modern feminism, and some of the second-wave feminism from the 1960's, no longer views the movement as being about erasing inequalities in opportunity, but about enforced parity. So, by belittling men like slave owners belittled their slaves, I see you as low as them because you use one of their tactics.

This issue seems to most notable involve the workplace. Because women aren't 50 percent of CEOs or 50 percent of those in STEM jobs, and from these numbers, there must be systemic discrimination, right? Not necessarily. I do believe discrimination does certainly exist in some places, but blaming that for every perceived inequality doesn't do any good and will only alienate people. But modern feminists request government assistance at every step of their quest to overturn perceived inequality. No longer are feminists devoted to equality, because men and women do have equal rights under the law. Although Janet Bloomfield has pointed out five legal rights that women have that men don't. The focus now is on parity, and the refusal to accept that men and women might just be different enough on aggregate that they have different priorities in life.

I and others believe that this sort of thinking maybe what's driving the current feminist movement's claims of sexism while at the same time engaging in sexism against men. I strongly believe when your movement loses sight in why it started, you lose not only control of your movement but you also lose your cause and you will gain nothing.

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