My Rant Book

Just a new and improved rant book


P.S: if you have ideas about rants and want me to voice my opinion about it, just inbox me and I will let the world know how I feel

Chapter 1

Just change

Is it me or do people seem to complain about how their life sucks or how they wish they had this or didn't have that? Or is it just me that people want things in their lives to change but they don't want to change the way they are, let alone work to change anything. It's like why do you expect change when you don't change anything? To do the same thing and expect a different result is being insane.

It's so stupid. Or many I just don't understand it. Do they expect change to fall out the sky? Or do they expect everyone around them to fix their problems for them? Come on people!!!! Use your brains for once, it won't hurt that badly. But if you want things to change in your life then change something in your life so something else can change.

So what do you all think? Am I going crazy or are people just lazier?

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