World of worlds of Strangers: The telling of a tale

"The world is full of many people--many people and many, many different worlds. Perhaps I might share a few with you...Your opinions would be greatly appreciated," Wordsmith pauses to offer you a hesitant smile,"even--if not especially--if you do not enjoy it," Sitting back on their heels, they tilt their head curiously up at you for no more than half a second before closing their eyes and beginning the story.

Chapter 2

Sweet Revenge

She sat back in her chair and smirked.
"So, what did you do?" I wanted to know, putting her coffee in front of her and taking the seat across the table. The small cafe was dead, as it should be at three in the morning in this know-nothing town. Clementine, or Tiny as she insisted, was a strange woman. I'd known her since High School, and I was still surprised by her strange moods. I knew her well enough to be unsettled by the excited glint in her eyes, though.
"Do? Little old me?" She twisted an auburn curl around her finger and smiled sweetly, dimples showing. My eyebrows shoot up and she laughs. "I sent him the video. His 'girlfriend' is going to get a copy, too," She made a face and turned her nose up ever so slightly, allowing an ugly scowl to mar her practice-perfect features for just a second at the word before plastering on another sweet smile. I couldn't help but snicker, because I didn't like her newly dubbed "ex" boyfriend. It had taken a frustratingly long time to get it on tape.
Not even five minutes later came the call, and since we were in public she gestured for me to put on the spare headset. His voice was shaky and he sounded like he was running. His pompous tone only barely masked the anxiety clear in his voice as he argued with her. Tiny's voice was a silky purr as she dashed his hopes of "a deal" and that the package he was holding, the one that had him sounding as if his head might explode from anger.
Personally, I thought the whole conversation was rather funny. Tiny certainly did, judging by the fact that after she hung up she offered to buy me dessert.
"Ten minutes. We should hurry. It'd be a shame to miss it after all of this," She said, some time later, and with a glance at my watch I had to agree. He'd be leaving the bar now, as the last rain would leave soon. I stood to go, following her quickly. We got there a few minutes later to find him already standing by the tracks as he waited for the Train.
"Where is xe? You said xe'd be there too," I grumbled impatiently, glancing at her to scowl. She waved me away without even meeting my eyes.
"Xe is a professional, try to at least pretend to be patient," She frowned a little, and i Just rolled my eyes. Sure enough, as the sounds of the train started to echo through the room the figure i was looking for showed. Not that I knew anything about them--I was just looking for a person, any person.
This one looked like a college student in a grey hoodie reading a textbook. As the train thundered to the station, the figure in the grey hoodie didn't even look up from their book. They didn't even seem to notice that they weren't alone. To this day i'm not sure how it happened, but when the train left the station the student was gone and the man was sitting on the floor, breathing heavily and clutching his chest. He slumped to the ground, pale and wide-eyed with fear.
"It's over," She said softly, cherub lips turning up into a delicate smile as the man slumped to the floor in a small pool of blood. I stared at the corpse for a few moments, smirked, and then turned away.
"So, You're still buying me lunch tomorrow, right?"

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