Opposites Attract...Right?(Sesshomaru Love Story)

Mizuki is Kagome's adopted sister.(cliche, I know but please don't overlook my story!) She has wavy light blonde hair, eyes like emeralds and she listens to no one except her adoptive mother and often Kagome. She can be very stubborn yet she is very patient, loving, and kind to the people she loves. And she absolutely can't stand people who think they're better than everyone else. So, she is almost the exact opposite of Sesshomaru. So what will happen when these two meet through a twist of fate?

Chapter 1

Getting Dragged into a Well. Great.

I yawn and stretch as I get out of bed. I just want to sleep, is that too much to ask for?
" Come on Mizu! You're going to be late for school." Kagome tells me from outside of my door.
" I'm coming, just give me a minute to get dressed." I put on my uniform, which thankfully has an almost knee-length skirt instead of one that barely covers my butt like Kagome's. I swear that her school is secretly run by perverted old men or something. I grab my katana, the only thing I have that links me to my biological parents and I run a brush through my hair as I hurry down the stairs.
" Good morning Mizu." Mom greets.
" Good morning Mom, Grandpa. I'm going to have to eat my toast as I walk or I'll be late." I kiss Mom and Grandpa on the cheek before grabbing a piece of toast and heading out the door with Kagome.
" Buyo! Buyo!" I hear Sota, our little brother call. Kagome and I look at each other and head towards the hidden well.
" What's wrong Sota?"
" Mizu, I can't find Buyo. I think he might be down here but..." Sota trails off.
" You're scared. Don't worry I'll find him."
" I'll help you Mizu." Kagome offers. I nod and we both go down the stairs that lead to the well. There's a sound coming from the well that really doesn't sound like the cat so I draw my katana. I may be a pacifist but nobody hurts my family.
" Calm down Mizu. It's just the cat." Kagome says. I go to say something but something grabs me and Kagome and drags us down the well. We both scream and see a...woman with many arms.
" The jewel! Give me the jewel!" She demands.
" L-let go of me!" I slice an arm off with my katana as Kagome uses some type of light. The next thing I know, Kagome and I wake up at the bottom of the well.
" Are you okay Kagome?" I ask worriedly.
" Y-yeah. How about-Ah! W-what happened to you Mizu?!" I tilt my head in confusion.
" What do you mean?" I ask.
" You have dog ears! And your hair is longer." I take my compact mirror out of my purse and look at myself while yelling at Sota to get Grandpa. What I see makes me gasp. I have two dog ears and my fingernails are now claws.
" You look beautiful Mizu!" Kagome tells me.
" Really?"
" Absolutely! We can figure all of this out later, for now let's us the vines to climb up." Kagome suggests.
" I was just about to say the same thing." We climb up and look around at the forest we're in.
" Uh...I don't think we're in Tokyo anymore, Kagome." I mutter.
" Look! There's the sacred tree! We're almost home!" I run off along with Kagome but our house is nowhere near the tree. Pinned to the sacred tree is a boy in a red kimono with silver hair and dog ears. We both walk up to him and touch his ears. Suddenly arrow fly by our heads, a bunch of men surround us and tie us up with rope. We're carried to a village and people start talking around us.
" There you are Lady Kaede! Please help us!" They cry as an older priestess walks up.
" Yes." She grabs some salt and flings it on us.
" Demons be gone!" She commands. I feel a bit of a tingle go across my body. Almost like a very mild electric shock.
" We're not demons!"
" Ye may not be but the girl next to you is." Kaede respondes.
" She wouldn't hurt anyone who isn't attacking her! Let her free too."
" Very well." She agrees. She has the villagers cut us lose and we walk to her hut.
" Lady Kaede, why do you say I'm a demon?"
" Are ye not one child?" She asks.
" Not that I'm aware of. I've always seemed plenty human to me."
" I see. What about you're parents?"
" I...don't know. I never knew them. My and Kagome's Mom adopted me when I was about two and a half years old, a little after Kagome was born. I can't remember a thing before that since I was so young." I explain.
" I see. You defiantly have a demonic aura yet it somehow feels pure, like a priestess's. Very odd." I purse my lips and think about what happened before I got my markings. I wonder... I draw my katana and look at it. The blade seems to be a few shades darker.
" Something wrong Mizu?" Kagome asks.
" I-I think this might have something to do with my sword. The blade is darker than it used to be. Perhaps slicing that demon's arm off started some kind of reaction? I mean I was given this by my biological parents so...Lady Kaede, would it be possible to seal a person's demonic energy into an object?" I ask. She considers this for a moment.
" I suppose so."
" I see. I don't know for sure but I have a suspicion that my birth parents sealed away my demonic energy into this sword when I was born, leaving me to believe that I'm human. You see, demons a considered as simple myths where we come from. If I were thought to be one, terrible things would have happened." I rattle.
" Then, why would it be unsealed?" I purse my lips again.
" Maybe it happened because I cut a demon with my sword. If I'm fighting a demons then I wouldn't need to conceal the fact that I am one. At least, that's the feeling I get." I finish with a mutter. Kagome gives me a hug.
" You two are close. That's good." I smile at the elderly priestess.
" How rude of me. My name is Mizuki Higurashi, it's nice to meet you!" I greet.
" It is nice to meet you as well my child. I believe your sister said her name was Kagome?"
" Yes, it's nice to meet you Lady Kaede." Kagome tells her. All of a sudden there are yells outside causing the three of us to go see what's happening. It's that centipede demon from the well. Kagome and I look at each other and I can tell that we're thinking the same thing.
" We need to get it back in the well!"
" That's in the forest of Inuyasha?"
" You mean where that light is shining?" We both ask. We take off running, the centipede chasing us. I notice Kagome falling behind so I grab her hand and pull her with me. We eventually get to the sacred tree where Kagome practically collapses from exhaustion. Normally I would be like that too.
" Why are you acting so strange Kikyo? Just kill her like you killed me." We look up at the boy pinned to the tree. He's awake!
" Her name is Kagome." I inform him.
" Why are you hanging around a half-demon, Kikyo? You'll just kill her."
" Kikyo, Kikyo! I'm not her, whoever she is! My name is Kagome! Ka. Go. Me!" Kagome yells at him.
" And I'm saying that you have to be her because there is no way you could smell like that-You're not her." He realizes after pausing to sniff.
" That's what she's been trying to tell you." He glances at me.
" Oh sorry, was I distracting your little human toy?" He sneers. I can't hep the horrified and creeped out expression that I make.
" Toy?! She's my sister!" I yell.
" Yeah right! I-She's coming." That's when the centipede wraps herself around us and pins us to the tree with the boy. She squeezes us. The centipede tells the boy that he's only a half-demon, to which he says is more than enough to defeat her.
" Hey, can you pull this arrow out?" He asks Kagome.
" No! Inuyasha shall destroy us all!"
" At least with me you have a chance. That centipede is going to eat you!" Inuyasha argues.
" P-pull the arrow out Kagome. They say I'm a demon but...." She nods and reaches towards the arrow. There's a bright light then Inuyasha rips her to pieces. The centipede regenerates and attacks Kagome quicker than I can think! A pink jewel falls out of her body and the demon swallows it, becoming more powerful. Inuyasha does an attack that he calls iron reaver soul stealer and tears her apart.
" Quick! find the glowing flesh, lest she regenerate!" Kaede yells. Kagome quickly points it out ,though I can actually see it too, and Kaede removes the jewel, handing it to Kagome. Then Inuyasha chuckles evilly.
" Good. Now hand over the jewel before I sharpen my claws on you." I growl at Inuyasha. Great, now we have to deal with a power hungry half-demon on top of everything else.

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