Fire and Ice(Zuko Love Story)

Shizuki is Katara's fraternal twin sister. One of the few things they have in common is water bending. She is very different because she has pale skin, coal black hair and eyes as blue as the sea. Shizuki is adventurous, laid back, kind and calm around people once she trusts them but if she does not trust you, then she tends to be a bit cold. She also has the ability to know when someone lies to her without fail. If you threaten her family then you are enemy number one as far as she's concerned!

Chapter 1

It's an Iceberg...Let's Stab It!

I bend water into different shapes as the boat that me, Katara and Sokka are in keeps floating.
" Would you quit playing with the magic water Shizuki?!" Sokka demands.
" I have told you many times, Sokka, it's bending, not magic. It's apart of me, Katara and our tribe's history." Katara pats my shoulder comfortingly.
" No matter times you tell him, he won't listen, Shizu." She says.
" I know. Do you want to work on our water bending?"
" Yes! You really help me out." Katara tells me.
" If you say so. I think that you're just too tense. Water is ever flowing so you must flow as well." I make water come up and shape it into a heart shape. Katara tries to copy my movements but she can't get the water to do what she wants.
" You know what would help you?" I ask.
" What?"
" Going in the water more. It allows your entire body to get a feel for how the water moves." I explain.
" B-but this water is freezing!"
" It's not so bad once you get used to it. It's kind of refreshing actually." I explain. We continue hunting for fish, which Sokka isn't too good at. I simply use my bending to bring them up in little water bubbles.Except Sokka acts stupid and knocks all of my fish back in the water.
" You girls need to be more carful!" My left eye twitches. Personally, I think that I'm usually pretty calm. But sexism and people who threaten my family piss me off!
" Need I remind you that this girl is stronger than you? And better at hand-to-hand and armed combat than you?" I demand.
" Whatever." Katara and I practice our bending until our boat gets stuck on some ice. Katara and I glare a Sokka.
" What?! You two were the ones playing with magic water!" Sokka complains.
" That is it! We are tired of you doing this!"
" You are always calling us weak and hating on our bending!" I add. Sokka looks behind us and I hear something crack. Katara and I turn around to see an iceberg.
" There's someone inside! We have to help him!" I grab Sokka's machete and hack at the ice while using my bending to help. I break through the ice, only to be knocked back by a blast of air. I stand back up and see a young bald boy. Katara and I rush down to check on him.
" Hey, kid, are you okay?" I ask, lightly shake his shoulders. He opens his eyes and looks at us.
" Are you two angels?" We shake our heads.
" I have a serious question. penguin-seal sledding with me?" He ask. Katara and I giggle.
" Sure!"
" Don't trust that guy! He's odd!" Sokka says. We ignore him and help the boy up. A creature pops up and roars.
" Appa! You're okay!"
" Who's Appa?" I ask.
" He's my sky bison! We rode out in a storm and I guess that we crashed in the ocean." The sky bison sneezes, Katara and I duck in time but Sokka gets covered in bison snot.
" What your name?" I ask. He sneezes and shoots up ten feet in the air, landing gracefully.
" I'm Aang!" My eyes widen.
" Are you an air bender?" I ask.
" Sure am!" We take Aang to the village with us. Shortly after Katara and I go penguin sledding with Aang. It's a blast! Aang is a real goofy kid but I find him adorable in a little-brother sort of way. We end up by the old Fire Nation navy ship.
" Let's go in there!" Aang says. Katara and I try to stop him but he won't listen. When we mention the war Aang says that he doesn't know what we're talking about and that he has friends in the Fire Nation.
" So...You don't know about the war?"
" That means...Aang, you were trapped in that iceberg for a hundred years!" I exclaim.
" What?! No...It's only been a few days. Right?" I shake my head sadly.
" Aang, I feel I must warn you that the Fire Nation attacked the Air Nomads searching for the Avatar. The fact that you don't know about this means that you left before they came." I explain delicately.
" N-no! B-but the Air Nomads, they must be safe, our temples are well hidden. The only way to them is on a flying bison!" I smile. I hope for his sake that he's right.
" I certainly hope they are. You must miss your home." I state.
" Yeah. Let's get out of here." We all go to walk out but Aang trips on a wire. That sends up a flare. That will probably have the Fire Nation coming down on us within thirty minutes. Just great. When we get back to the village it is quickly and unfairly decided that Aang be banished from the village. I walk over to Sokka and smack him across the back of his head since he was the one that instigated the whole thing.
" How could you Sokka?! He's just a kid! He didn't mean to trigger the flare, it was an accident! And if you say that he is strange and that's why you suspect him I will freeze you to an igloo!" I threaten. I hardly lose my temper so he knows that I'm serious. Sokka just walks away to his little fort so I go find a hair band so I can pull my hair back. Because there will be enemies coming to investigate that flare, make no mistake about that.

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