ROBLOX Adventures 1: Natural Disaster Survival

A Robloxian strives his way through the trials of the game: "Natural Disaster Survival". Disclaimer: I do NOT own ROBLOX, or the game. I do own the Robloxian's name, though. This is my first story, so no hate, please. Special thanks to all my friends and acquaintances in ROBLOX for lending their names and letting me parody them (including The_Obnoxious_Bear, who, until now, remains my ROBLOX enemy)

Chapter 1

The Beginning

DivergentImTheBoss spawned in the lobby. It was low-ceilinged floor, with a glass window making up the walls. The building seemed circular, or at least to Robloxians.

In the middle of the building stood two spiralling flights of staircases. He climbed up one of them and found himself on what seemed to be the roof. There were four signboards, two advertising a Red Apple and Green Balloon, one advertising insurance and one that said "Leaderboard". In the number one spot was Zeff4, with 310 survivals. DivergentImTheBoss, or Div, was amazed by his score.

Then, he heard a loud crash. He walked over to the other side of the floor, which had no walls, and saw am island with a partially destroyed tower. It had windows all over, for some reason. Next to the island was a brown mountain, which Div assumed to be a volcano, that was spewing out red, orange, yellow and brown cubes. Many other players were on the island, some in the tower and some on it.

As he looked to his side, there were a few other players watching, too. As he was watching the scene below, a player with a bear's head walked up to him.

"Hi" he said to him.

Div saw that his name was The_Obnoxious_Bear.

"Seeing as you're a noob, I won't bother you" The Bear said before walking away to admire his name in the number 2 spot.

Div felt annoyed, but shook it off and kept watching.

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