Who are You?

Chapter 1

Who are You?

I learnt how,
On my own.
Dust on the shelf,
I was alone.
Nurse to health,
My sins to atone.

Reaching up,
I felt your hand,
With eyes closed,
I sunk in the sand.
You stood opposed,
You didn't understand.

And no rhythm and no bass,
Could make me change my face.
And no melody or warped vocal,
Could take me from the focal.
Who are you?

And there's flowers on her grave,
And her sweetness, soon to cave.
Her eyes were midnight blue,
Nothing in her melted heart was true.
We ran from the light, deep underwater,
Murdered son, slaughtered daughter.
Who are you?

Run from the night,
The change of tone,
We're out of sight,
Skin, skin, bone, bone.
Leave them to die,
Tell another lie,
"I love you", she said,
But by then she was dead.

And she asked who I was,
And grabbed my neck,
She quickly let me go,
As I retrieved my twenty deck.
I learnt how,
On my own.
Feed the needy,
Kill the greedy.

I felt the sun,
When I saw the moon,
And she pushed me away,
She didn't have room,
For someone like me,
But for someone like him,
It was perfectly fine,
He dived straight in.
Who are you?


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