I need help :(


Chapter 1


by: pensively
Okay, y'all...before you proceed, I'm just gonna be mumbling angrily, so just...walk away if you need to.

I love Quibblo so much...some parts of it are really great, like getting to chat with people and look at cool stories and stuff :)

But sometimes when I'm browsing I just get really sad and frustrated...I get really self-conscious of what I'm posting and way too sensitive...I'm supposed to be able to express myself but sometimes I'm too scared :( This was one of the reasons I deleted before, and it's come back. Bleh.

(Oh, but I'm not deleting! I'm not leaving or anything either!)

So, yeah...what should I do? I hate feeling obligated to do stuff...which makes no sense, but grr...I'm so confused. Quibblo doesn't make me as happy as it used to and I really want the happy parts to make me happy all the time.

I'm way too sensitive and I've been feeling especially sad lately. Everything even slightly upsetting that happens makes me want to retract into my shell and hide for a week. I hate it. bangs head against table

Please help :( And sorry for that outburst :(


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