One Last Wish (An Original Group Story)

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Chapter 68

Thomas - Home with Love

by: Cozy_Glow
"I love you."

The words set my heart aglow and once the same words had left my smiling lips, I kissed Deirdre on hers. She seemed stunned, but she smiled a tiny bit. I sat back in my seat, blushing, smiling and glowing all at once.

"Ah, sorry, Deirdre--"
"Don't take it back!"

I laugh and she does too. I had never felt so happy and at ease with anyone, not even my parents or friends, just Deirdre. She had the true calming effect of the sea. I was ever thankful for her being in my life and giving the courage to live it. I didn't even mind the stares of others as they saw me glow with joy. I was glad they could see.


The train gets to the station late, but we cared little for that. My parents were there, food at the ready, and looking more... 'parent-y' than before. They embraced us and we headed towards the car. My parents had changed so much since Deirdre and I was glad for that too.
The car ride home was quiet, but once home, much talking was to be had. Deirdre explained what had happened at her home. My parents looked concerned as they heard the whole truth, every part from Deirdres' cheating, her brothers death, her runaway and my drowning, but they didn't judge or speak, just waited and listened. When we had finished, my parents looked to each other.

"Thomas" my mother looked at me. "Why did you not tell me?"
"I didn't want you to worry..." I looked at my hands.
"Thomas." I look up at her and she is dead serious. "Don't lie to me."
I feel terrible, but I cannot lie to her. "I didn't want to... get locked away... again."

My mother looked shocked and hurt. It hurt me to see her so unhappy and sad that I made her feel that way. I looked down, tears touching my cheeks. Suddenly, I felt someone wrap their arms around me and hug me tight. It wasn't Deirdre, who I thought it was at first, but my mother. She had tears falling down her perfect face, but she didn't frown, she smiled, sadly.

"Oh, Tom" she said, quietly. "I didn't want you to feel that way! I-I didn't want you hurt!"
"We love you" my father said, quietly. "We feared someone would hurt you for what you were... we didn't know we were doing that to you."
"I-I know" I sobbed with a smile.

We fell silent for what seemed like ever, but it was a good thing. When my mother and I finally parted, she seemed to have a glow all of her own. She looked to Deirdre with an expression of love.


I gape in awe and pass the chocolates to Deirdre, who has the same look on her face. The movie is so action-packed and explosive, it's too hard to not look. Well, it was, until Deirdre took my hand instead of her treat. I looked at her and she at me. I smiled, then leaned over and kissed her on the smiling lips.
I really did love Deirdre and I was glad she was here with me.

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