One Last Wish (An Original Group Story)

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Chapter 3

Chapter Three: Deirdre - The Waves that Consume Me

I don't know what overtook me. I just knew I couldn't stand it anymore...all of the 'I'm so proud of you' and 'you're so amazing!' They don't know me. They think they do, that's all. They know the parts of me that I let them see. When I'm alone, then I can be completely myself...and now I'll be alone forever.

Tears fall down my face, splashing into the rolling waves that have carried me far from home. I grasp the helm, letting the waves take me where they will. I have no plan for the future, just to get away.

'The only person you ever think about is yourself.' It was a blunt statement. My sister probably didn't mean it...but it was true. Though it stung, I didn't let her know it hurt me. Instead I had just walked away, and ran down to the dock, down to the place I always hid when I was depressed. But this time I had grabbed my tiny boat, pushed it forcefully into the water, and sailed away.

I wanted to be kind. I wanted to be good. But somehow, deep inside, I wasn't. I could try hard, but that only made the gap between the outside and the inside wider. As long as no one could see it, I was fine; I could forget about it. I hated to be reminded of what I was.

Somehow I couldn't hide anymore. I didn't belong there, with all those perfect people. They would be better off without me. All I ever did was take. I always had to be the best. I mean, why not if you could, even if sometimes it was slightly cheating. My gift had made me the best. But it was no longer a gift; it was a burden.

As a young child, I, Deirdre, used to imagine I could control the waves. It wasn't till I was older that I actually discovered I really could. I've always loved the ocean, and swimming. It was my hobby. But when I found out this strange ability of mine, I became undefeatable. I could win against any competitor. But all I could focus on was my own fame. In the end, selfishness hurts everyone.

Instead, my gift secretly became my way out; a way to express my emotions. But it seems even that was a bad idea. Feeling sorry for myself was a mistake. My gift was the problem. I was the problem.

I sit up stiffly and stare into the blue wasteland. I create several high waves, and thrust another under the boat, which sends it high into the air, then crashing back down. The impact throws me violently against the boat. I try to breathe and get hold of something before another wave hits.

One rises above me. I quickly halt it in mid air. Slowly, I sit up, and stare into that dark wall of water. Whatever drowning is like, I feel like I have been, for years. I let the water fall back into the ocean, and sigh. I'll be alright; this feeling will go away again, eventually.

The icy cold wind continues freezing me through my drenched clothes. I've been out here for more than a day. Rapidly, the sky is beginning to darken, either into night or into a storm...or both. I can't stay here forever. I must get to civilization...hopefully I can find some. I have no idea where I am.

I create another current in the water to carry the boat. I can only guess at the direction. I add more waves to the panorama. If there's going to be a storm, it might as well be a good one. I curl down into the floor of the boat. It's so cold. I just hope I can get somewhere soon.

What then? Who knows. The only thing for sure is that I'm never telling anyone about my strange ability.

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