One Last Wish (An Original Group Story)

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you like it! Feedback is welcome. Authors are Glass_Mirror, DarrenMadex, SugarKart, Ciorstan_Eilinoir, and Matabi!


Chapter 2

Justin- The flame that burns bright

I live in such a dark world with a dark burden.

I have always felt alone, no matter who I was with. I guess it’s because of my gift, or what I call a curse that I am alone.

Maine, what a lonely state to live in. But it fits me perfectly. A place I can hide my “talent” from everyone else. No one can get hurt if no one is around or there is a few amount of people. I left my state of California when I came back from Afghanistan. They discharged me with honors when my entire team died but me.

Ever since the day I arrived in this small town I’ve felt it necessary to keep my distant from the locals. They must think I’m crazy but it’s okay. They need someone like me. I’m strong, smart and can protect people. That’s why I’m the youngest member of one of two SWAT teams in this town. I keep them safe and I keep my secret hidden.

My name is Justin, and I’m twenty-two years old. As long as I can remember I have been hiding a terrible and dark secret from my team, my family and loved ones, but as an adult it’s my choice. I pay my debt to my family and country. I went to college even though I hated it. That’s why I can speak Russian, Japanese, French and still taking classes in German. The gift I have, has been growing stronger inside me. I could feel it run through my veins.

I live in a nice size house. It’s more of a wooden cabin. It has two bedrooms and one bath. It’s more then I need but it’s where I wanted to live. On top of a mountain that looked out onto the beach. I always see this beautiful girl standing on rocks while her black dress blew in the wind. I stood there while my blood red hair, which I didn’t spike up gentle blew in the wind.

I snap my fingers and watch a flame begin to grow in the palm of my hand. I watched it get bigger and brighter as I held it. I could control fire. I watched as the fire started to swirl in my hand, as the wind grew stronger. The flame was my gift and my curse. It saved me yet its slowly killing me.

I wonder everyday as I stare of the cliff of a mountain, is there anybody out there like me.

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