One Last Wish (An Original Group Story)

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you like it! Feedback is welcome. Authors are Glass_Mirror, DarrenMadex, SugarKart, Ciorstan_Eilinoir, and Matabi!


Chapter 1

Evangeline- The Darkness that Surrounds Me

I am the darkness in the world.

When I am alone, all that I have been trying to hide my entire life is free. That's why I came here. So I wouldn't have to bear that pressure of hiding this burden.

Maine is the least populous state making it a perfect spot for me to hide. I can keep more people safe if there are less people to worry about. I live in a small cabin called "Birches" right along the shore. It has but one bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a small living area. Cramped but cozy and charming. It wasn't hard to get a job in the town. I have a two year degree so I can be a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant. It's a job that's needed everywhere.

Ever since I arrived in this tiny town I've kept my distance from the locals. I'm sure that they wonder and gossip about this mysterious young girl who is going to teach their children but I am far past caring. I can hide the power long enough to teach their children-the children who will bring far much more light into this world than I ever could.

My name is Evangeline, and I am twenty-one years old. All my life I have been hiding something from the world, something terrible. Something uncertain that I was born with, that has festered and grown inside of me since I was old enough to realize it was there.

I have power over darkness and shadow.

Sometimes I regret leaving my parents without a word, but I am an adult now. I waited until I had fulfilled their wishes for me and gone to college. I waited until I couldn't wait a moment longer.

The tiny cabin is right near the ocean; the shore covered in dark jagged rocks. Waves pound against them, trying to defeat their steadfast grip on the sand. I go down their now, alone, my long dark dress swishing in the whispering winds. Surely not a choice any ordinary girl would make.

Standing upon one of the rocks I let the salty air sweep through my brown hair, sweeping the dark glossy waves back past my shoulders. Unkind waves leap at my feet.

And I call the shadows to me, releasing them to the beginning of the storm. Clouds gather, and I darken the sky even more, creating a depressing grey, like my eyes. Soon I lose all restraint and bring blackness to stretch all the way to the distant, and untouchable horizon.

A shadow comes to me, swirling in it's graceful dance. Whirling around my slim body, and then departing just as soon as it arrived.

I wonder if anyone else in the world carries a burden as dark as my own.

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