Intensify (Original Group Story)

By Darsah, books, Glassy_Mirror, and evybye77.

Chapter 2

Valentina - No Stranger Than Before

Valentina Shire prided herself on knowing what she was doing. Especially when it came to her studies at 'the School', as it tended to be called in her village.

Which is why she was slightly miffed at her current patient, who had broken his leg and been administered painkillers, questioning why a fifteen year old was fixing him.

"Because I know how." She answered mildly, gritting her teeth slightly as she went about setting his leg.

"But you're a child!" Why the man insisted on being stupid, she didn't know. She hated ungrateful patients like him. The sooner she was done here, the sooner she could help other patients.

"Shut up Dad, she'll helping you." The mans son, who despite being eleven, had more sense than his father, gave Valentina an apologetic glance. The girl waved it off. She didn't like them, but she was used to them. Besides, she wouldn't turn away a patient just because of a bad attitude. She could gripe about them in her head though.

She was in the middle of one of her visits to her hometown, specifically the town hospital. Despite there being a few healers that lived there full time, extra help was always welcome. After she was done, she could go into the forest and practise with the earth. One could never practise too much.

Her thoughts were brought back to her job rather quickly. She couldn't lose focus. Soon enough, the mans leg was set, and Valentina looked for one of the healers, to find who needed help next.

"Thank you Tina, but I do believe that's all for today. You're always such a help." The healer smiled warmly, putting a small bag into the girls backpack, her payment. It wasn't much, and Valentina never asked for it, but she accepted it anyway.

"Very well then. I'll be leaving tomorrow. Goodbye!" She turned and left the hospital, pleased with what she'd achieved that day.

Just outside her hometown, there was a small clearing in the forest. It was far enough away that she wouldn't disturb anyone, but close enough that anyone who wanted to find her would be able to follow the path.

It was here, connected with nature and the earth, that she felt most at home. It was somewhere familiar, safe and comforting. She loved her hometown, but the earth was always so much nicer when it was someplace like this. Pure.

She sat down in the middle of the clearing, taking a moment to relax. Her eyes closed, she put her palms on the dirt in front of her, feeling her way to the roots of the planet.

Today she would be trying to broarden that connection, so that she could reach further, sense more. A connection to the Earth was very useful.

It also required a great deal of patience, and waiting. One hour passed, then two. The next time she opened her eyes, the sun was just beginning to dip below the horizon. She smiled slightly at the sight. Then she stood up, heading back into town. Tomorrow she would make the trek back to the school, and report to the Master of Elements.

Hopefully, she might get an assignment when she got back. Out on the field, where she worked best. One could always hope.

Its a bit of a short chapter, I'm sorry, but they'll probably get longer as the story goes on.

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