Intensify (Original Group Story)

By Darsah, books, Glassy_Mirror, and evybye77.

Chapter 1

Ax- An Apprentice

by: Darsha
The sniveling bag of skin and bones had been delivered to Ax exactly two weeks before the news of the war. Ax remembered it quite vividly. She had been called by the Elemental Headmaster the moment she had arrived back at the school.

Ax had been travelling doing business in the dark again. An assassination this time. She was well aware that most of the graduates of the school tended to drift back to their origins at the academy, even after receiving their station that was best fit to serve their King and Master but Aleixanria Eldonyre was not one to consider any place home.

"What did you call me for Master of Elemental," Ax had said, drawing back her black cloak to reveal a full mess of crimson dreadlocks.

"Sus," the Master said stiffly gesturing to the shadows, "Come out boy"

Slowly from the darkness a small child emerged, twitching nervously. Brown eyes opened wide.

"Aleixandria Eldoneyre," the Master of Elements continued, "You are the only master of Lightning left. The second student to graduate from the Academy. The only graduate who served as an apprentice to Master Chraitonias."

Ax knew where this was headed. She was to train the boy. The one who was now whimpering at the feet of the Master of Elements. It made since that she was the choice pick. Not only was she the only student to graduate under the greatest and most respected master of electricity, but she was the only one to survive. And because she'd survived she'd vowed never to become a teacher.

"I cannot train the boy," Ax said bluntly, "There are many complications with the situation that I am involved in at the that prevent me from being able to take on the boy."

"He...."the master said looking up from under the brim of his hat, "has shown the potential of Mastership. Great power from nothing but an untrained boy. With the proper teacher he will become a great asset to our King"

"I will not accept the Masterhood of the boy. I cannot teach him in the way you request," Ax countered firmly, her amber eyes glaring into those of the Headmaster. The light of the oil lamp cast a dull glow over her pale, hard features. "He is weak."

"He will grow stronger under the proper authority," the Headmaster said matter-of-factly. He sounded calm as he stood to tower over Ax. Looking down at her, the man began to conjure up the wind, his greatest strength and pride. , "Do not question me Aleixandria Eldoneyre! You know the penalty for treason. You are yet a child. A child of seventeen years who has grown cocky in her own abilities. You must submit to the king's will. The price of treason is great."

Ax seethed inwardly, hating the man. If she could strike him down at that very moment, she would have. But she did not have that power. And treason was the one thing that would never enter her thoughts. How dare he accuse her of crossing the one path that would lead her to shame! Killing the man would be the betrayal of her ties to the academy in itself.

"Fine," Ax hissed. She turned to leave the grey stone walls of the office, a small bony boy following hurriedly in her wake.

Ax left the boy in the library. He was eager to please and sickeningly good. A child of the light. Ax knew no such thing. Her allegiance to the darker services of the King of Drela was one of the few things she could thank Master Chraitonias for. He had taught her that the greatest power came from hate. And now he was dead.

Ax glided menacingly down the brick hallways of the school, not even bothering to look at the other students who bustled about the castle as if studying ancient scrolls were their soul purpose in life. That and the service to the king. Ax had never associated with many of the students anyways. As a child she was so uncontrollable, so unpredictable, and so unable to properly use her power that she had been given over as an apprentice almost immediately thus ending and beginning her period of study at the Academy.

She took a winding route through the castle, the route that led her away from the eyes of the other students and masters, the route that would lead her to the scrolls of the darker arts and elements. There she would find a way to teach the boy to hate without bringing that hate upon herself.

Although she did not like the prospect of having an apprentice it seemed as though she were stuck with it. She would never be a master like her own, even though she had taken on some of his habits by nature. Becoming like Chraitonias would be the cause of her death.

And Ax Eldoneyre did not want to die. Not when there was work to be done.

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