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You'd think I'd stop making these but I just love them! I have however figured out that big group stories don't work as well as smaller ones, so eve though I'm really bad at turning people down, I'm going to accept a max. of five other authors on this one. Now this doesn't mean you shouldn't sign up, please do even if you don't think you'll make it. Be detailed and DIVERSE with characters (it stinks when the characters are almost the same) but short and sweet works better than long comments

Chapter 1

Sign Ups

by: Darsha
So, um yeah, make sure you read the intro, here's the idea.

In the Country of Drela there is a school. This school is a strange one for not only does it cover academics but it thoroughly educates students to serve their king and master better with power and magic. It is a school and students may come and go as they please. It is the heart of the country of Drela, even though most of it's actions are in secret. (think a bit of a fantasy genre)

That is until another kingdom, the kingdom of Towers comes in from the south, raiding Drela and claiming the land. And a group of students is sent to on a mission to gather intelligence in order to create a quick end to the war. Their ability to work together could cost the lives of many.


Nickname- (if any)
Age-13-23 (please be diverse in ages)
Major of Study-
Minor of Study-
Love interest-
Personality- (five traits Min.)
Appearance- (Photo is non required but definitely welcome)
Background- (keep it different that other characters)

List of Majors and minors (let me know if you have any other ideas)

-earth -etiquette -volunteer missions -astronomy
-water -swordplay/fencing - agriculture -dance
-fire -archery -political sciences -philosophy
-air -war tactics -law
-electricity/ lightning -geography -art
-Music -healing -natural sciences

And any other's you can think of.

My Character

Name- Aleixandria Eldonyre
Nickname- "Ax" don't ever call her anything else
Age- 17
Love interest- none
Major- Lightning and electricity
Minor- Sword play and fencing
Personality- Very dark, snarky, she is aggressive and does not attach herself to people, authoritative, threatening, will not hesitate to kill someone in her way, draws on the dark side of her powers, does not appreciate physical touch, still fiercely loyal to the kingdom of Drela, emotionally strong, manipulative, does things her way

Appearance- pale skin with a smattering of grease like freckles, short, wild red dreadlocks, small nose, wears a black tunic and leggings with red weaving patterns on them, tall brown boots and a long black cloak, wild, hating, Amber eyes, very thin build, full pale lips and a collar bone and cheek bones that stand out, usually wears a smirk

Photo - http://www.quibblo.com/user/dovestorm/photoalbum/2535562

Background- quite mysterious, travelled with a master with great power in lightning and fire, no one knows but he beat her, she killed him and goes in and out of the school as she pleases, working in solitude

Other- the type of relationship that would bring out the best in her or effect her the most would be mentoring a younger innocent character


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