Guess Who Has A Sister!(Hidan's Sister/Gaara Love Story)

Hidan, the bloodthirsty, foul mouthed, Jashin worshiping member of the Akatsuki. He killed his neighbors before he left. His family is gone. Except for his little sister, Hikari, who act's just like him and is also immortal. She has long, silver hair and purple eyes. Follow her journey in being a ninja and making sacrifices to her Jashin-sama!
WARNING!!!: This story contains a large amount of cursing. If you are under 13 years old I recommend that you don't read this.

Chapter 1


I stretch as we walk back into the hideout.
" 'Sup! We're back!" Hidan-niisan and I yell.
" Be quiet you two!" We're ordered by Kakuzu and his daughter, Ayame, who is also my partner.
" You two shut up!" We yell. We walk into the living room and I plop on the couch as Hidan-niisan does.
" Get off the couch! You're covered in blood!" Leader tells me and Hidan-niisan.
" Fine." We both head to our rooms to shower and change. I sing as I shower. As soon as I'm finished I get dressed and grab my three bladed scythe, much like my brothers. You might not expect it but my brother and I are actually pretty close. He raised me for a good portion of my life. In fact my first sentence was: " Sacrifice to Jashin-sama!" Suddenly Tobi knocks me to the ground. I glare at him and he whimpers.
" I will sacrifice you to Jashin-sama you stupid lollipop!" I yell.
" Tobi is sorry! Tobi is a good boy!" He takes off running. I was about to chase after him but something catches my eye. Hidan-niisan has some whore hanging on him. I walk up to them. The whore glares at me.
" Who is this Hidan?" She asks.
" I'm his sister who thinks you're pathetic to be threatened by a twelve year old when it comes to men." Hidan-niisan snickers. The whore whirls to face him.
" You think that this brat is funny Hidan?" She demands.
" She's hilarious! You should see your face!"
" Can I sacrifice this whore yet, Hidan-niisan?" I ask.
" She came to get Itachi's attention. For some reason she latched onto me so go ahead." I grin madly, and by that I mean the crazy kind of mad.
" W-what are you two talking about?" She asks, obviously scared.
" Sacrificing you to Jashin-sama!"
" Who is Jashin?" She asks. I grab my scythe off my back.
" Stupid ignorant heathen!" I slice her arm, pull my scythe and lick her blood off of the blade. I slice my own arm and use my blood to draw a Jashin diagram. That's my skin turns black and white, like a skeleton almost.
" W-what are you?! AH!" She shrieks as I stab my own leg.
" Hurts doesn't it? The gods punish those who don't understand the pain of others."
" Hmm. Should I play around or get right to the point?" I muse as I point my retractable spear at my own heart. Then I move it to my torso and stab myself. My face contorts in pain for a second then I smile blissfully. The woman starts screaming.
" Don't get blood on the couch Hikari!" Leader tells me. I pout a little
" Aww, you are no fun Leader."
" Just get your long winded ritual over with already!" Ayame growls. She's a year older than me so she likes to think that she's in charge sometimes.
" Non believer! I will burn your money!" Hidan laughs at this. I decide to just kill the whore and commence my ritual. By the end of it I'm lying in the diagram with my spear through my chest.
" Leader-sama wants us in his office, Hikari. Change then meet me in there." Ayame tells me. I pull the spear from my chest, get up and walk to my room. I quickly change and walk into Leader's office.
" What the hell do you want?" I ask.
" You two know that you are our two youngest members. That is why you've always gone on missions with Hidan and Kakazu."
" Yes. Your point?" I ask.
" Well I'm giving you two you a mission of your own."
" Hell yeah!" I cheer.
" You will pose as two Sand genin and participate in the chunin exams. Your goal is to gain information about Suna and Konoha for our future purposes."
" Boring! Can at least still make sacrifices?" I ask.
" Yes. Just try to keep a low profile and let no one find out that you are Akatsuki members."
" Yes Leader." We both reply.
" Now go pack. You leave in an hour. You will be staying with the Kazekage and his three children." I groan. I hate kids!
" They are all around your age." Leader tells us.
" That's a bit better I suppose." I leave to get packed. Hidan follows me to my room, knowing that if I didn't want him in there I'd just slam the door in his face.
" What the hell did Leader want?" He asks.
" Me and Ayame have a mission of our own. It's so boring though!"
" What do you mean you two are leaving on your own?! Kakuzu, get your old butt in here!" Hidan-niisan yells. A minute later Kakuzu barges in.
" What is it Hidan?"
" Did you know that Leader is sending Hikari and Ayame out on their own mission?" He questions.
" WHAT?! We are going to talk to Leader-sama right now." The two of them take off to Leader's office. I sigh and continue to pack. Once I'm finished I go to Ayame's room. I find her counting her money. Again.
" You really are just like your father." I tell.
" And you are just like your idiot brother."
" Hey! Only I'm allowed to call him an idiot!" I argue. I hear someone clear their throat. We both turn to see Itachi in the doorway.
" Leader-sama would like to see the two of you in his office." We nod and go to his office.
" What the hell is it this time?" I demand.
" It appears that Hidan and Kakuzu insist on escorting you to the Sand village. The Kazekage will know of your situation. In exchange for staying in his village you will help help him in his assault of Konoha."
" Whatever. As long as I can sacrifice some people, I don't care." I tell him.
" Very well. You will leave in an hour. You are dismissed." Ayame and I go back to our packing. An hour later we all leave our cloaks behind and begin our journey. Looks like I'll have to live with three "good" children. Freaking fantastic.

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