Quibblo Big Brother 1

Welcome to QBB1

Chapter 2

HoH Competition #1

by: BassBoy
Houseguests, I need everyone to gather in the living room please.

Everyone excitedly ran over to the living room where they awaited Johs announcement. Her face appeared on the flat screen TV that they had hanging on the wall.

Hows everyone doing so far?

The house clapped and cheered in happiness.

Excellent! Well, I'm sure you all know why I'm talking to you. It's time for the first HoH competition!

Everyone cheered and clapped. They were all excited to compete.

One of you is about to become HoH. I'll see you in the back yard shortly.

The Houseguests walked out into the backyard where the competition was set up. There were giant lollipops, and candy decorations set up in the backyard everywhere. There was also a platform with walls that separated it into 9 separate spaces and a window sill like wall in the front of each with a chalkboard, chalk, and a jar of Jelly Beans on each. Each houseguest walked into a space and waited for Johannas instructions.

Hello Houseguests!

"Hi Joh!" The Houseguests greeted excitedly.

It is now time for the first Head of Household competition of the summer!

The Houseguests cheered and applauded.

Whoever wins this competition must nominate two Houseguests for eviction. Welcome to Quibblo Big Brother Candy Shop! On my go, you will examine the jar of Jelly Beans each of you have in front of you and estimate the amount of Jelly Beans inside. Each round you will have a chance to change your estimate. The person with the answer farthest away from the answer in each round will be eliminated from the competition. Their estimate will be read out to the other Houseguests competing. Are you ready to play QBB Candy Shop?!

The house screamed "Yeah!" In response.

Than lets begin round 1

(This is a semi confidential competition. You are required to message me your answer in two days or you will be eliminated from the competition. Please answer how many Jelly Beans that are in the picture in my photo album.)


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