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Chapter 1

Meet the Houseguests

by: BassBoy
Tonight, the epic battle for a half million dollars begins. We've got a new house, all new houseguests, and a brand new twist that is sure to keep everyone on their toes and scrambling all summer long.

The audience clapped in anticipation.

For the next three months, the houseguests of Quibblo Big Brother will be cut off from the outside world. While more cameras and more microphones then ever before will capture every single dramatic moment. Get ready because it's time for another season on Quibblo Big Brother!

The opening theme song played as the audience clapped and cheered excitedly.

Good Evening, I'm Johanna Eaton and welcome to the Big Brother premier event. If you thought last season was twisted, you haven't seen anything yet. Tonight we'll unleash a new twist into the game. But first, let's meet the houseguests!

The clips of each Big Brother houseguest receiving their key plays as the audience listens in closely. After they finish playing the houseguests walk out onto the stage and wait, quietly and patiently.

Hello new houseguests and welcome! Is everyone ready to begin a fierce, outrageous battle for a half million dollars?

The houseguests scream "Yeah!" In response.

Good, because you will endure the most gruelling and outrageous emotional experiment that exists. The only way to win this game is to be the last houseguest standing. So, how far will you go to win Big Brother? Will you lie to your housemates? Will you stab your new best friend in the back? Will your showmance become a real life romance? Ultimately, what happens inside the Big Brother house is completely up to you. Alright houseguests! You will enter the house in two groups. Once your through that door the game is on. The following four to enter the house are: Julie, Tori, Austin, and Eden. The four of you may head on in.

Squirtle831, ToriDunbar, aggie2, and IHAVEANEGBABY enter the house cheering. Julia and Eden run to the bedrooms and immediately pick the most attractive and comfortable beds. "Hi! I'm Eden! Nice to meet you!" Eden greeted as her and Julia hugged.

"I'm Julia!" Julia responded.

Tori and Austin rushed in, Tori darted to the last bed in the room full of girls while yelling "I'm Tori! Nice to meet you! What are your names?" Julia and Eden answered as Austin walked into the next room and dropped his bag on his bed. He exited and greeted them with, "Hey ladies...I'm Austin."
"I'm Julia, nice to meet you."
"I'm Eden"
"And you are?" Asked Austin gesturing to Tori.
"I'm Tori."

The camera pans out and it's back on Johanna and the remaining 5 houseguests.

That leaves: Alexis, Cameron, Evelyn, Laila, and Daisy. You five may now enter the Big Brother house.
Alexis117, Cool2twin, evybye77, Xx_basketballkat_xX, and _Moon_ grab their bags and walk into the Big Brother house triumphantly hollering. The first group of houseguests were sitting on the couches chatting when the second group came in screaming. They all greeted each other and sat on the 2 grey couches and 2 red nominee chairs. "Let's all take turns introducing ourselves." Laila suggested.

"Alright." Agreed the other houseguests.

Eden stood up. "My name is Eden, I am from the tiny state of Kentucky but I now live in the Slytherin dorms at Hogwarts. Despite being a Slytherin, I am also an Amity so I may have to tone down my kindness when the supposed backstabbing ensues! I hope to make alliances in this that lead to real (or internet, I guess you could say) friendships. I don't really know what else to say, but hopefully we will all get to know each other in the Big Brother house! Good luck everyone." She exclaimed with a smile and sat down.

Tori stood up next. "I'm Tori and I'm 18!" She said quickly and sat down.

Cameron stood up after Tori and said "My names Cameron, I live in Texas, and I'm a student." He grasped his hands and smiled before sitting back down.

Evelyn was next in line. "Hey all. My name is Evelyn. You can call me Em. I live in Hawaii. I am currently unemployed and will be for quite a while for a reason I do not wish to share. In my free time I like to play my clarinet and sing."

Julia stood up after Evelyn. "My name's Julia and I make anime references, I live in Maryland and that's all you need to know." Julia said as she smoothed down her dress to sit down.

Laila jumped up. "Well, my name is Laila. I live on the east coast. I mostly read and write. Listening to music is also a love of mine. I'm not really that great at being social, but sometimes I can do it. I come off as cold, secretive and defensive at times, but when people get to know me I can be more outgoing with them. I'm pretty forgetful, too. I can be extremely sarcastic, and I love to argue with people." She laughed as she took her seat again.

Daisy was next. "My name is Daisy Fawn. I live in Portland Oregon and I'm 16 years old! I'm a high school student, and am obsessed with fashion and beauty. I'm also kind of nerdy. I like to read, sing, draw, and write stories and poetry. I hope to make some great connections in this house and good luck everyone!" Daisy waved and giggled and sat down.

Alexis was up next. "My name is Alexis and I'm 18. I love Anime!"

And last but not least, Austin stood up. "I'm Austin, I'm 14 and I'm a published author and suicide councillor!" He said and sat down next to Alexis at the end of the couch. Everyone walked to the kitchen and began to rummage through the fridge until Johanna made an announcement...

Stay tuned for part 2!

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