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Chapter 2

The Authors Have Been Chosen!

by: Grunge
Thanks to all who signed up! Not all of you will be able to write, but I may still include a few of your characters as suppporting roles and possibly even antagonist roles! Now, let's see who will be writing with me as the main characters.

SugarKart (Red_Hood)

SugarKart will be writing as Kaito: the team's quirky yet serious leader.

Name: Kaito

Age: 18 turning 19

Gender: Male

Height: 6'

Weight: 144 lbs

Physical Description: Pale pink-tan skin tone; sky blue eyes with slight green tinge towards the iris; black hair at mid neck length with thick 'electric blue' streak next to his left ear; slender figure of strength, but more for running and agility trials; long fingers for computer style work; 'Halo' birthmark in middle of right wrist.

Clothing: Crisp, white business style shirt with a blood red tie and black jeans; white 'New Balance' sneakers with white socks; blue 'fun' glasses to look smarter and more studious; a brown belt that holds his main knife and revolver.

Personality: Kaito is very protective of his team and any under his protection, which can be blamed for his overly perfectionist ways to make sure everyone gets home safe. He is kind and fair, but won't back down when telling you right from wrong, making him slightly stubborn and bossy. He's generally good natured, even making fun of himself, however, if you try to make an inappropriate joke during a dangerous mission, he will get ice cold.

Role: Manager/Leader/Boss

Weapons: 2 Knives (One on his belt, middle of back, the other strapped to his upper leg) with rose pattern blades and a revolver gun at his right hip called 'Renee'

Backstory: Like many other children at the Academy, Kaito was dropped off as a newborn, however, this bothered him little when he grew up. He was not physically strong before age 13, finding it hard to run, dodge or jump after a period of time due to ill health by unknown causes. He pursued other areas of study to make up for this lack, finding skill in technology and planning. Due to good nature and excellent planning, he is regarded as the best party planner, techno-wiz charmer of his grade.

Other/Random Facts: It can be said, because of his perfectionist ways, he may be OCD as he cannot stand ones space as messy and will randomly clean it up. When he's not planning, cleaning or doing anything special, he plays the violin pretty well.

books (Light_In_Life)

books will be writing as Bonnie: the team's sensitive (yet a tad bossy) intuition.

Name: Bonnie

Age: 18 turning 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 119.4 lbs

Physical description: Has a small face with a pointed chin. Skin is very slightly tanned. Her nose is upturned, with the end pointing upwards slightly. Nose is small, no freckles. Mouth is small, with lips not being very full and pale. Her eyes are a slightly bright green, and are wide. Eyebrows are curved, and are slightly off-center. Hair brushes shoulders, and is slightly wavy, hair colour is a dirty blonde, and she usually keeps it out, sometimes braiding up small sections. Has messy bangs that stop just above her eyes, covering eyebrows. Hair covers ears, which are medium sized. She is lean and slender, with long legs and arms. Her skin is slightly soft. Her palms are harder, and she has long fingers. Her chest is small, and her curves are there, just not very obvious. Her cheeks are full, giving her an innocent face. Her smiles aren't very big, but she can mean them.

Clothes: Her favourite outfit is a pale blue-green sundress on top of patterned red leggings that go down to her ankles. She wears a dark grey winter coat on top of the dress, and white boots. She also has a dark grey beret that she found, which she loves to wear. She keeps a lot of little gadgets in the inside pockets of her coat, mostly little things she thinks are helpful on missions. 

Personality: Probably one of the girliest in the Academy, she is a very sweet-natured person, though she thought she has some trust issues, and takes loyalty very seriously. Tends to put on a tough front for people until she thinks they're friendly. Very attuned to emotions, she is a good reader of body language, and is good at sensing how people are feeling. Is a very careful planner, often thinking of as many possibilities as she can, but puts everything into the decisions she makes. Is a bit of a softie, but can be very stubborn and will not hesitate to stand up for herself and others. She is a bit judgemental, and first impressions are very important to her. Has a keen eye, and a bit of a fashionista in a world where that isn't exactly considered an important thing. A very visual person, is more likely to be swayed by acts than words. 

Role: While she doesn't usually make the plans, she tends to end up adjusting them and assigns people to the role they're most suited at. Talented at adjusting the entire thing if something goes wrong, she is unofficially the Field Leader when in a team, though still diverting authority to whoever the actual leader is. Officially though, she is a Supporting attacker.

Weapons: Her primary weapons are two pistols she keeps in her winters coat. However, she is trained in using a few different kinds of rifles, as well as using knives and throwing knives. She is moderately skilled in hand to hand combat, but better at ranged combat.

Background: Was dropped off at the academy when she was five. she has only a few memories of her time before the academy, all of them vague and fuzzy. She believes that whoever dropped her off (it was her family) betrayed her, which is why she has trust issues. Everyone thinks she is very sweet-natured, and some believe she is unfit for what the Academy trains them for. She chose to pursue a support role because she likes to work in a team.

Random Facts: She is an extrovert, and she likes being around people, especially people she has come to trust. Her greatest fear is being betrayed, and she hates fire.

Hufflepuff1forever (Nerdfighteria)

Hufflepuff1forever will be writing as Genesis: the team's caring funny guy.

Name: Genesis

Age: 18 turning 19 

Gender: Male

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 193 

Physical Description: Genesis has blue eyes the color of a dark ocean surrounded by dark lashes and underneath thick eyebrows. His hair is dark brown with bangs that are usually pushed back away from his face. His face is slightly ovalish and his ears slightly pointy; his mouth is usually turned up at the corners in a smile or smirk and he has slight stubble. His body is toned from his years of training and tan from being outside in the sun with a couple of moles here and there. His arms are nearly covered in tattoos, the left depicting the Trojan War and the right depicting the Odyssey’s journeys. 

Clothing: He usually wears denim shirts with the sleeves rolled up along with straight dark jeans and combat boots accompanied with a flat cap, because he thinks he’s classy. While exercising he prefers a sleeveless hoodie, basketball shorts, and tennis shoes with knee high socks.

Personality: Genesis has a chill, laid-back personality to him that’s only skin deep. On the outside he’s the joker, cracking jokes and trying to make people happy. He’s always wants the people at the Academy to feel better than himself, because he believes they feel abandoned by their parents like he does. He’s headstrong but modest enough not to be over-confident in situations he knows he shouldn’t. With enemies is an entirely different ballgame. On the field, he can be cold and ruthless. He has a deep hatred for anyone who causes people unnecessary pain, which is why he’s very straightforward in relationships to make sure he leads no one on. 

Role: The Joker, tries to make his friends feel better when they’re upset. Also a negotiator and field officer because of his charisma and good looks

Weapons: His fists (hand-to-hand combat) with the occasional bronze knuckles, dual blades that are hooked at the hilt and the tip, knows how shoot guns, but prefers close combat

Backstory: All he knows about his parents is a grainy photo of him as a baby with them holding him, and for reasons unknown, their faces are scratched out. He was dropped off at the Academy at three. It still comes up every once in a while the he wetted his bed until he was eleven. He’s a charming guy that likes attention, mainly of women, but he’s popular around the guys as well. It’s a well-known fact that he “gets around” but he’s astonishingly regarded as “that guy who never broke a heart”.

Other/random facts: He likes music and wants to start a band, but the school never taught him how to play an instrument. However they gave him music theory booklets, so he writes music and sings to it, but never knows how it would actually sound like. He’s a totally fanboy when it comes to Classic books and the only time he’ll ever turn down human interaction is when he’s in the middle of one.

And I will be writing as Venus: the team's secret weapon.

Name: Venus 

Age: 18 turning 19 

Gender: female 

Height: 5'7" 

Weight: 122 lbs 

Physical Description: Venus has quite pale skin with a few moles scattered here and there. Her hair is a well overgrown french bob that was once dyed bubblegum pink; now it's faded to a pastel-like shade slightly lighter than her lip color. The roots of her hair are very noticeable and match the color of her nearly curveless brown eyebrows. She's known to have a permanent scowl, it's not purposeful but it creates a very intimidating aura about her. On the contrary her smile is a rare genuine dazzle. She has full lips, blue/gray eyes, and high/defined cheekbones. Venus's body is slightly taller than the average female's, giving a willowy look to her. She has wide hips and a smaller torso which create a 'pear-shaped' body, and noticeably long limbs. 

Clothing: short and slightly baggy distressed/washed out denim shorts, black thigh high socks, maroon combat boots, tight black sleeveless turtle neck, large navy blue flannel and large army green jacket. Has a small black tattoo of the dark moon Lilith symbol on her left middle finger. Also carries around a small maroon leather backpack. 

Personality: Outgoing, curious, clever, and confident. Loves to laugh and make fun/jokes. Carefree to the point of carelessness at times, to the point of coldheartedness. Her words and her mind are her greatest weapon; with them she's capable of tearing anyone apart without breaking a sweat. She's a controversial character. People either love her and appreciate the intellect and unpredictability she offers, or hate her and are offended by her harshness and 'odd' opinions. She appreciates either. Although she can be manipulative, deceiving, and cunning she is also honest and helpful. She always has the best advice, even when covered in riddles. Venus cherishes thinking and often locks herself into her mind, making her eerily quiet at times. 

Role: interrogator, trap, silent/surprise killer (isn't all too physically strong but can trick people into trusting her and then suddenly turn on them/kill them discreetly or spontaneously with ease) 

Weapons: tongue/words, uses whatever is available (fists/legs/head/sticks/random items, also carries twin daggers, various poisonous solutions, and a silenced pistol) 

Backstory: was dropped off to the academy by an anonymous woman (most likely her mother) when she was a new born. She was raised in the academy most intimately by Gray (a former graduate who decided to return, and still volunteers in the present). The pair often fight in the hallways about how much she skips certain classes. Venus is seen as unapproachable and intimidating in a one to one situation, but in a group of people she is loud and outgoing, easy to talk to. Her odd Personality is rather an infamous topic around the school. 

Other/random facts: usually gets bored and annoyed with people and other things/situations easily, is a sucker for musicians, sometimes randomly gets paranoid or extremely frustrated... during these times she insists to be left alone, can run very fast, horrible swimmer who is prone to drowning in deep water, hates asking for help/feeling helpless, dislikes eating and doesn't eat often. Often tries to find little special secret places in the Academy to hide away and think. Her favorite spot is in a tree near the beach right now. Sometimes she also escapes the Academy, but is usually caught quickly as the security is extremley serious. The longest she's gone away was a week before they finally tracked her down. Punishments are always required. 

However the characters Kai, Eliza, and Neci will be featured (most likely) as a team of antagonists who are hunting the team of main characters down and fellow students at the beginning of the story. They'll be younger now though, so they won't have to make the choice. I probably won't get you guys to write, but I may because it could definitely add some flare (or something like that).

There will soon be more info up for the story for me three wonderful main authors! The rest of you guys please still read the chapters when they're published on here as you will be seeing your characters as well as ours. Ask any questions if you need to. Thanks for signing up!

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