Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams

This story has a main character, Amelia. She is a normal girl but this is definitely not a normal story. It is a thrilling mystery story about the extra-ordinary things that can happen to an ordinary teenage girl. I hope you will enjoy and all feedback is welcome.

Chapter 2

Party time!

People, people, people everywhere. Thousands of bright lights shone around the room. Music surrounded my mind in a crazy blur. I was in awe. Suddenly I felt a hand on my waist, I jumped in a fright only to realise that it was my best friend Leale. I had known Leale since I was a tiny child and yet we had never had one single fight, out of all my friends I was closest to him. "Happy birthday! Come outside with me for a minute will you?" I did what he asked, I could sense that there was something wrong.
I sat against a big rock and peered into his big, dark brown, worried eyes, I could scan them in a heartbeat. "What's wrong?" I had to make sure he was okay. "Amelia I didn't want to do this tonight, it's your night and this will wreck it." He wasn't even looking at me, now I was nervous. "Leale tell me, I'd rather know what's wrong." There was an eerie silence until "I saw Conlon... He was kissing Tukso."
"Co-Conlon? My-my Con?"
"Yes, I'm really sorry."

I jumped up in alarm, my eyes narrowed as I shouted "no, no you're lying! He would NOT do that to me! With Tukso? No, no, no! You're lying!" He stood next to me and tried to comfort me but I wouldn't allow him. "You're just jealous! You can't get your own relationship so you have to wreck mine and on my BIRTHDAY! No wonder no one wants you around even your own father left you for God's sake!" I could see the pain in his eyes as soon as I stopped talking but I didn't care, he had really hurt me. "Whatever," he muttered quietly and walked away with evident tears falling down past his cheeks. This was a major fight. Our first fight. Ever.
I legged it straight into my house and up to my room, I needed to get my phone and ring Conlon. I was about to walk into my room when I saw before my own eyes my worst fear, Conlon lying naked on my bed with a girl beside him, Tukso! There was a strong smell of fresh sweat. "Conlon! Please tell me that you ACCIDENTALLY became naked with her on my bed!" The two of them gaped at me with big wide mouths, Conlon mumbled nonsense. "Get out!" I screamed at Tukso whose blonde hair was sprawled on my bed and her tanned legs around my boyfriend. She quickly threw clothes over herself and ran from my bedroom, embarrassed cheeks flashing red. "Amelia babe..." Conlon began but I interrupted him "don't just don't call me that... what were you doing?"

"I really don't know, I messed up."
"You messed up? You messed up? No you've gone so far past messing up, this is my room and you had her in here!"
"I should have told you, I shouldn't have done it tonight."
"Good we agree on something! Conlon we were brilliant together, you wrecked us, we're finished!"
"Amelia what you don't realise is we were finished a long time ago... we weren't working, you were always too uptight. I am really sorry that it had to come to this, I'm not blaming you. Just promise me you'll let loose."

I slowly walked towards him, nodding my head. I reached my hand upwards and smacked him with as much force as I could, the low groan that erupted from his mouth gave me satisfaction. My last words were "loose enough?" as I sauntered out of the room.
Somehow I found my way back into the garden with a thousand thoughts in my mind. I couldn't believe this, in one night I had lost my best friend and my boyfriend. It didn't matter that there was people enjoying themselves at my party, I was alone. I gazed up at the sparkling stars, golden in colour, shining brightly and happily. I loved watching the stars, they reminded me of better things, a better life. It was strange, when I sat and watched stars I got a peculiar feeling, I couldn't quite explain it but it was a form of deja vu.

"You there! What do you think you're doing here?" the voice was aggressive, harsh. I jumped in fright and searched for the voice. My eyes rested on a middle aged man who looked as harsh as his voice. I had never seen eyes like his murky yellow ones that certainly did not complement his rather hairy face. I had never seen him before. He was a stranger. "I... I'm... You're a stranger, what are you doing here?" I challenged. The man slowly drew closer to me, I could feel Goosebumps on my arms. I couldn't find the will to speak, that man scared me more than I could have ever imagined. His skin seemed to wither wildly, like his bones were physically being crushed. Suddenly the strange man fell to his knees and began howling like a dog. I backed away in fear, I needed to go back inside to safety but I tripped over and found myself lying on the ground next to the him. This was it, I was in extreme danger. The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes was a full moon, bleaching the land in a ghost-like replica of a pearl. The howl grew louder and louder until I heard the shocked scream of my mom "Amelia! Amelia! Amelia!"
My eyes jolted open and I gasped in surprise, I was lying on my bed covered in sweat with my mom's hand rested on my forehead. "Where is he? Where is he?" I was definitely panicked. "Who darling?" my mom wondered aloud. "The hairy man! He, he sounded like he was going to attack me!" My mom's eyes narrowed anxiously but then her usual loving smile returned "you were asleep, hunny it was a nightmare. Look you fell asleep in you dress." I peered down, I was in my dress. "I didn't see much of you last night, did you enjoy your party?" Did I enjoy my party? I had to think for a minute, what had happened at my party? Oh yes, Conlon had cheated and I had fought with Leale.

"No, no I didn't."
"Oh Amelia! I did this party for you so that you could have fun for once."
"Fun for once? I don't get called getting cheated on very fun!"
"Getting.... Cheated on? Did Conlon cheat on you? Last night? He wouldn't!"
"Turns out he would, apparently I don't let loose enough! I know I don't let myself go wild but I don't deserve that and I think it's a good thing that I'm like that."
"Darling you really don't deserve that, you're a wonderful, smart, kind girl who is the treasure of my eye, you deserve a lot more than that."

The silent tears trickled down my face, I didn't tell her about Leale because I couldn't put it into words. I hated being an adult. A new life? Of what, doom and gloom? It was looking that way. My mom wrapped my whole body in a tight, warm, comfortable hug which did heal some of the pain. "Retail therapy should help right?" my mom grinned. I didn't want to go outside the house, I didn't want to show the world my tear stained face but I did want to make my mom happy. "Okay, only if you promise we can get some McBerleanz ice-cream!" It was my favourite ice-cream parlour , run by an extremely friendly Italian man in his forties who always put extra sprinkles on mine for free. His smile lit up a thousand countries. "We'd be mad if we didn't!" she expressed a laugh.
I dressed myself quickly, it was distraction time. I knew I couldn't lye on my bed all day thinking of what could have been with Conlon and I knew I would make it up with Leale, there was no way that he could stay angry with me forever. I decided I would call him later, apologise and explain myself. When I was ready I grabbed my purse and ran to join my mom at the door. The day passed nicely, I didn't see anyone that I needed to avoid and I bought a new pair of fluffy pyjamas and a cute red jumper saying `attention bulls`, I found that quite funny. We were just walking towards the brightly coloured parlour when I felt a pair of eyes upon me. I knew someone was looking at me. I checked was it my mother but no, she was counting money. I swivelled around and my mouth dropped open, there was a teenage boy staring at me.

This boy had such beauty it was unbelievable. The darkest hair and the palest skin, which added up to an amazing complexion. The eyes that were staring at me were a magical mystical bright blue, they looked like they were sparkling under the fluorescent lights. His blood-red lips were pressed together in a perfect cupids bow. He was tall, slender but had an extremely muscular build, I could see a ripple of muscles underneath a Ralph Lauren Oxford shirt, white in colour. I was not able to draw my eyes away from him, it was safe to say that I was unable to stop looking at him. There was no thoughts in my head, I had never seen a boy like him before. I didn't even notice that my mom had walked on ahead but she was back by my side in no time at all. "Amelia come on," no answer. "Amelia!" I snapped out of my daydream and my eyes flew back to her. "Amelia, I need to go to the bathroom, here go buy yourself an ice-cream.". I nodded my head, took the money and walked over to the parlour without looking back at the boy.

"Bella, Bella!" Mr. Berleanz drawled in his familiar Italian accent when he saw me. "Hi Mr. Berleanz, how are you today?" I loved talking to him. "I am good as always! No Mr. Conlon today?" I gulped, a severe reminder of the good times with Conlon, we used to come here on dates. "No, sadly we broke up." I didn't want to go into details. "Ah Bella, Bella! You still as ever are beautiful!" I grinned at him, he was the only person who wouldn't stick his nose into other peoples business but could still make you feel happy.

He gave me a free strawberry ice-cream, with extra sprinkles, to put a smile on my face. It tasted incredibly sweet with a creamy texture, perfection as always. It didn't take my mom long to come back, she looked fussed but I didn't notice. The only thing on my mind was that boy the way he had looked at me was strange… He had stood perfectly still, a statue. I felt like I knew him but from where I did not know, I would soon find out in due course.

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