Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams

This story has a main character, Amelia. She is a normal girl but this is definitely not a normal story. It is a thrilling mystery story about the extra-ordinary things that can happen to an ordinary teenage girl. I hope you will enjoy and all feedback is welcome.

Chapter 1


Life for me was always normal, the bad and the good; boys, friends, family, music, more boys, clothes and of course food. I had my fair share of friends, amazing friends. Friends who were always there for me through thick and thin. My life wasn't perfect, my sister stole my clothes, relationships were messy and my parents never let me out late at night because they were afraid... I soon learned that I should have been afraid too.
Today was the big day, my eighteenth birthday! Every girl looks forward to her eighteenth birthday for it is when she becomes an adult and experiences some of life's great beauties. My baby blue eyes glanced across my room, they landed upon what I thought was a definite beauty, my bright pink cocktail dress. My mother had bought it for me exactly a month ago and since then I had been dying to wear it to my eighteenth party, it was so majestic, a knee length puffy bottom with a tight upper bodice.
"Darling you look truly beautiful, my beautiful baby girl!" my mom greeted friendly, her smile showed her perfect teeth and her kind dimples shone brightly. I grinned and replied "not such a baby girl anymore, I'm an adult now!" We both laughed and she embraced me in a gentle hug. "Conlon won't be able to breathe when he sees you, poor boy!" joked my mom, Conlon was my boyfriend and he was simply perfection. I grinned at her, knowing inside that I would be the one not breathing when I saw him, a six foot- blue eyed boy that was only mine, and wow was I lucky.

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