Beach, Beach, Let's Go to the Beach! (an update)

An update for the next few days.

Chapter 1

See, See, What We Gonna See?

Hey, everyone! It's your main man Macca here!

Okay, a few updates for the life that is mine. :)

1) It's my birthday on Friday! Yes, that's right! I'm another year closer to death! I'll be turning the big one-five on Friday and I'm looking forward to it enormously.

2) I won't be around during my birthday weekend. Me and my family are off on holiday! We're leaving on Thursday morning (tomorrow). Since there will be no Wi-Fi at the holiday house in Waipu I will be absent from the Quibs until the 14th of July. When I come back the first thing I'll do is let you know. :)

3) Love you guys! Keep being awesome! :D

Much love,
Macca xxxx

P.S: Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!


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