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I'll be choosing Stories, Quizzes, and Quibblonians which/whom I think deserve more recognition (or that I simply like and think other people should check out) and post them here. Keep in mind these are highly tailored to my preferences, except the ones other people suggest (if and when they do).

Feel free to suggest People and/or Creations, by either Comments or PM. Try and put why, too. ::D

Chapter 1



i) (It all started on a mundane Thursday...) (Date Posted: 2-7-15)

ii) (and continued thereafter...) (Date Posted: 3-7-15)

iii) (Why is a Raven like a writing desk?) (Date Posted: 6-7-15)


iv) (I haven't the foggiest idea) (Upcoming Chapter!)

v) (This is all an illusion) (Upcoming Chapter!)

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