Finding Home

When his father is killed in a major drug bust in Detroit, Michigan 15 year old Steven Richardson runs away from his home to join back into his old gang, welcomed by the gang Steven realizes that he has more to lose than he already has and he decides to set off once again from his formal gang to find out where his true home really is.

Finding home takes place in the same time frame as "The Bully Story" series and characters from TBS are featured in "Finding Home"

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Chapter 1


My name is Steven Richardson but most of my friends just call me Steve. I live in Detroit, Michigan and it's not very easy growing up here. My dad is an undercover cop and I don't get to see him very often and when I do it's the best times of my life. I'm seventeen years old and I'm a senior in high school, that's where life gets really wacky because you never know what's going to hit you when you turn the corner, literally, I have one main friend and a few other friends that don't seem much like friends but that's high school for you I guess. I work part time at an old gas station just down the road from my school and I drive an old beat up Dodge that my dad bought me when I got my drivers license. The truck runs good enough to get me to where I need to go, so far I haven't had any major problems with it just usual ones like flat tires.

Imagine getting the love of your life, you would do anything for her; heck I'd kill somebody if it meant protecting this girl, but what do you do when everything just starts falling apart and the love that you thought would last forever just crumbles to a thousand pieces. The love that was supposed to last forever gone. That girl that you knew at one time just gone in the blink of an eye. It was going good at first until her sister started a bunch of crap about and made Delilah believe it so we potentially just started to fight and argue over little petty things that we could of easily solved. We dated for two years and the fights started right after our one-year anniversary; the fights became louder and then more aggressive until the day I hit her. I couldn't even believe that I had done it, she didn't say anything when I hit her she just ran away crying; I tried to stop her and I tried to tell her that I never meant to hit her like that but it was far too late. The next day was a Saturday so of course I stayed at home all day, I heard a loud banging on my door and at first I thought it was the cops. When I opened the door I was greeted with a twenty two-caliber rifle pointed right at my head and the holder of the gun was Delilah's father. I tried to explain to him that I didn't mean to hit her but the more I talked the more he got mad and the closer he got to pulling the trigger. He held the gun to my head for about twenty minutes before the barrel of a forty-four magnum was rested against his skull. He lowered his gun and my dad put his gun back into his holster, you would think that Delilah's dad left the yard unharmed but that wasn't the case, when he put the gun onto the ground my dad gave him a good hit right into his jaw. Delilah's dad almost fought back until I guess he realized what my dad was and where he could of ended up putting him.

When Delilah's dad drove off in agonizing pain my dad quickly looked straight at me and I knew by that look that he was either really mad or really worried. “Steven what was that all about?” My dad said the question in almost a yell and then I knew I wasn't getting out easily. “I kind of accidentally hi-hi-hi...” “Come on now Steven spit it out.” He said it that time in more of a concerned voice. “I hit Delilah during our fight yesterday.” I said it really quietly hoping that my dad didn't hear it. I thought he didn't hear it until he slapped me right across the face.

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