The mistake we didn't see

Red. That was the color of the blood running down my hands. But it wasn't my blood. My heart was racing. I couldn't believe what we did.

If you want to find out what happen then you will have to read this story

Chapter 12

Chapter 13: The Meeting

Me, Justin and Dane waited at the bus stop that Darren was going to be.

"Man I can’t believe he is going to actually help us." Dane said as he kicked a rock into the street

"Well why wouldn’t he? He’s our best friend."

Justin was right, Darren was our best friend.

As we waited we saw the buss pull up to the bus stop. Slowly everyone got off the bus. And the last person to get off was Darren. We knew it was him from his red Jacket that heather gave him before he moved to D.C

"Hey guys you missed me?"

Darren, our best and closest friend. It was always good to see him. But we knew why he was really here. It wasn’t all going to be all smiles and laughs.

"It’s good to see you bro. I’m so glad you’re willing to help us out." Dane was right, it was good to see him

"Yeah you don’t know what it means to us that you would help."

"Sure but I need to know the truth. What happen?"

We just walked away from the bus stop not even saying anything. We were scared of what he would thing. How do you tell your best friend how you killed someone? But Jason got his voice and he started the story.

I decided to start first. he needed to know the truth

"It was a dark night, when we were riding our bikes down our favorite trail. We were talking about having a party at Dane’s house. As we were riding we saw this brief case on the path, so we stop to move it out of the way so no one got hurt because of it."

"Yeah as we stop to check it out, we open it and saw it full of flies that had “Classified" stamp on them. When we were looking at it, we didn’t notice the guy with the knife till he pounced at us."

I looked at Dane and Darren as we walked. it was hard for us to talk about this. we were trying to forget that it happen.

"The man was crazy. He was saying we were going to die if we didn’t burn the files in that brief case. We had no idea why we would die."

"yeah I had picked up the knife and was holding it in my hand as he was talking. I thought if I was holding it, he wouldn’t try to do anything. But was I wrong."

I had a feeling I would be.

We all had stop walking while we waited for the light to change. It was weird looking at Darren, he appeared to be thinking. I was wondering what he was thinking.

"Okay I don’t need to know anything else. I have the pieces I need. Look you guys are in grave danger. I know for sure."

Hearing Darren say that sent a chill down my spine. It couldn’t be true. Maybe he was playing a sick joke on us. He was always good at doing that.

"Ha that’s so funny bro. are you kidding me? Please tell me you’re joking"

"I’m not. Two weeks ago, my group intercepted communication of a whistleblower from the C.I.A, and he had files on Anonymous. So obvious Anonymous wanted the files, but we weren’t the only ones after him. That man that you guys “Killed” was the whistleblower and he works for the C.I.A."

It got dead quiet amongst us. No one moved and no one said a word. Damn and Heather is sticking her nose into this. She could be in danger too.

I wander what those two girls are up to. I hope they are safe

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