Stark for a Day

I was having a perfectly fun day, then the next thing I know, I'm someone famous: Maisie Williams!
Maisie was enjoying a day out with Sophie Turner, when she found out she was me!

Chapter 1

Someone Else

by: Cozy_Glow
It seemed like the perfect day. The sun was shining down with a burning smile with a cool breeze gently whispering past. My friends, Dani, Kim and Jade, were along beside me, chatting and looking at store windows. It all was perfect. I even had some money to spend with them, when I found myself thinking of Game of Thrones. A new season would be out, but why was I thinking of it now? I turned to talk with my friends & found they were staring wide-eyed at me.

“What?” I asked.
“Y-you’re the girl!” Jade began.
“The who?”
“Arya Stark! Maisie Williams!” they all screamed, excited.

I looked sharply to my left, spying a face I knew wasn’t mine, but I was staring at her like I would myself. I was nowhere to be seen in the glass, just Maisie Williams’ pretty face. What is going on?! I turned to my friends, frightened and confused by everything. They looked stoked. Before I could speak, they were on me, begging for photos & Facebook friend requests.

“What?! It’s me!!”
“We know, you’re Maisie!” Dani smiled.
“Can I take a picture with you now?” Kim asked, holding her phone.
“I guess, but I’m not Mai--”

The flash blinded me, messing up my eyes. My friends apologised, but wanted more photos too. I posed, trying to figure out what was going on, but I guess it would be fun to be Arya Stark for the day, right? After a half hour photo frenzy, we went on our way. I realised I was the same height as my friends, which was unnatural to me as I’m real tall! Now I’m short.
I shook it off as we entered the shopping centre, where I soon noticed everyone staring at me. I tried to ignore them, but it became harder when they came up to me for photos & chats about Game of Thrones. It was rather overwhelming to be swarmed by people taller than me or my own height. My friend shad been pushed away by the throng, so I tried getting to them.

“Autograph! Photo! Facebook! Selfie! Arya!”

The noise was amazingly loud, but I managed to escape, laughing crazily in a voice I realised wasn’t mine. I was Arya Stark, or rather, Maise Williams, but for how long? I stood in open air & faced the crowd.

“Okay, make a line & we’ll get to it, yeah?!”

They did exactly what I asked. I was surprised & flattered. As I signed photos & arms, I began wondering on where my own body was. I hope Maisie Williams wasn’t getting into trouble! When everyone was happy and gone, I walked casually down the street my friends around me, smiling happily. It was a perfectly fine day, even with this kink of being someone else. Arya Stark in Australia, how awesome!


Masie Williams sat opposite Sophie Turner, giggling about things of Facebook & Twitter, while taking selfies and drinking hot chocolates. They could hardly drink they were laughing so much. Sophie was nearly spitting it back into her cup to stop herself choking on it & laughter.

“And I’m all like ‘My bruddah is dead~ My muddah is dead~ And my fardah is dead~’” Maisies’ voice near killed Sophie. “Can’t wait to continue!”
“It’s funny! Do it again!”

Maisie repeated her words, but her voice was different, older, but not so much. Sophie was drinking peacefully, but laughed at the joke.

“You sound so weird, Maisie!” she exclaimed, then looked at her. “Who are you?!”
“What do you mean?” Maisie asked, frowning slightly. “I’m me!”
“Who would that be?”
“Maisie Williams!”

Sophies’ eyebrow rose in question. Maisie turned to look at the window, seeing a girl not her staring back. She wobbled her head & the girl followed perfectly. Maisie gaped & looked to Sophie.

“What is going on?!” she whispered.
“I don’t know, but what did you do to Maisie?”
“I am Maisie, Sophie!”
“Tell me something only Masie would know.”

Maisie looked around, then leaned forward & whispered into Sophies’ ear a secret. Satisfied & confused, Sophie believed her. They tried figuring out the problem together, but nothing came to mind.

“This cannot be good.”
“Come on, Maisie, we’ll just go about on our shop! Maybe it’ll wear off.”

Maisie nodded & stood to find herself head & shoulders above Sophie. Sophie looked up at her, surprised. Maisie felt weird way up in the air. Sitting, she’d been not so tall! She towered like Brienne over everything. It was truly odd. Sophie laughed at Maisies’ uncomfortable expression.

“You look fine, though a touch in need of some exercise~” Sophie patted her stomach.
Maisie gave her a raspberry & laughed. “Lets go sort that!”
“After we shop!”

They set off with a bunch of giggles, joking and chatting about everything once again. In truth, they were like sister or cousins, & everyone said so. Acting or not, they really were good friends. They walked around the stores, buying & trying, with a few autographs & photos mixed in. Once that was done, the hit the gym for some fun exercise.
Poor Maisie found herself having to try extra hard with muscles of jelly and fat that hung on like glue. Sophie & the coaches supported her all the way, Maisie smiling & laughing.


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