Poetry Book

Poetry Book

I'm no good with poetry, but I'll give it a shot!

Poetry does not have to rhyme, so most of mine does not~ Sorry! ^^

Chapter 11

Typing Practice

Gotta practice,
Don't look,
Both hands on,
Never not.
Typing differently,
Remember keys,
Hands on,
Never off.
Clacking, clacking, clacking keys,
Totally slow-poke
On the keys.
Getting better,
Just need practice,
No looking,
That's cheating.
Did that sentence all correct!
Fingers numbing,
Cold or worn?


At all costs,
I must pursue,
To get it right,
To get it true.
So much work,
But is it worth it?
Yes, it is.
Getting better,
Slow and steady


New computer,
Not much to say except,
This is fun!

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