Poetry Book

Poetry Book

I'm no good with poetry, but I'll give it a shot!

Poetry does not have to rhyme, so most of mine does not~ Sorry! ^^

Chapter 10

Nuketown Short Poems

by: Cozy_Glow
Myles kind
And Myles squeak.
Here come zombies,
Hear them shriek.
Shot them in the head,
We'll say,
But no gun,
you say.
Oh ho no no!

Brian, Brian,
Sergeant man,
Shot some zombies
In the head!
One for me,
One for you,
Then we'll Ray Gun all the rest!

West the strong,
West the mighty,
Knocked some heads in
On those zombies!
Crack and crunch,
Splat and smush,
Zombies died just for West.

Agent Joshua,
Sitting in the car,
Ray Gun ready?
Yes it is!
Zap goes one,
Pow goes another,
Zap pow boom
Went the whole of the town!

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